January 18, 2022


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நெராக். Encounters between French and English in Au Taste The lounge

Under the leadership of its manager Christel Moulinié, the tea room at Cours Romas has recently arranged Franco-English meetings around a sweetheart.

On Saturday, the tea room set up in the city center of Nérac Au Taste Té received an accent from across the channel. Not through travel clients, but through encounters between French and English living in Albert. A single idea sprouted in the mind of Kristel Moulini, who had been head of the store for many years. “The goal of this harmonious moment is to create connections. There are many Englishmen in Nero, and it is important to make a connection between us as our languages ​​progress,” explains one-year-old who lives in the capital English.

Crystal Moulini hopes that if the project is currently in its infancy, she will be able to refresh her store every Saturday: “The idea would be to split this exchange into two stages, first where we exchange in French and second where we exchange in coffee. The well-known face of business life, Kristel Moulini, fell under the spell of this cozy-looking boutique, mingled with the sweetness of well-brewed tea with the aroma of roasted coffee on site.

Temple of the glutton

Stopped by compatibility, Au Taste The is the hardest place to resist multiple trials. Like having “moss de dama” with coffee. Understand Ladies Kiss in Italy, which is nothing more than two pieces of dough with a thin layer of chocolate, all prepared by the manager. “I make it to my liking. These are sweet desserts to taste,” says Kristel.

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In addition to on-site consumption, the home offers the purchase of loose tea, but also fruit pastes previously offered at the Dugoujon pastry shop, which closed its doors year-round. Need for Christmas, the chocolates on display will not be too difficult to impress loyal customers. “I want to provide quality, but all portfolios are accessible and supportive of local people,” continues the shopkeeper, head of the Soroptimist Club of Nerk.

If ice creams run at full speed throughout the season, now this good address is the delicious hot chocolate that will catch the eyes of regulars.

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