May 16, 2022


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3 zodiac signs that have a rough sign on April 1, 2022

Let’s not even shout “April Fools!” Yes, it’s April 1st, and for some zodiac signs having a rough day, the idea of ​​being deceived or deceived is just another problem on top of the already strong one.

Here we are, the first day of April, in Aries, in the new moon in Aries, and what do we get for our troubles? headache; How does Aries of us.

On this day we will be enjoying the likes of Moon sextile Mars as well as Moon sextile Saturn.

With our new moon in Aries, as mentioned, we will be too Slaves to our feelings. We may feel so strongly about something on this day that we will practically run over ourselves, trying to make it happen.

While we may be all about positivity and the right effort, we may end up getting into trouble because of all we put in the effort.

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The sextile Mars makes us feel the love of truth and the pursuit of authenticity. This is where things get screwed up; We will seek and we will find, but what we find we may not like. It might sound like a kick in the pants too, because we’re already starting this day with great intentions.

Because we are in the midst of pregnancy season, Everything will feel ‘extra.That is, if we feel that we are suddenly entrapped by some major failure, we will feel like we have hit rock bottom… and the transits accompanying this day will keep this kind of strong polarization going.

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