May 19, 2022


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4 apps to improve your English

If you live abroad, you know that English is the language that helps you communicate the most around the world. So learning English has become essential, Especially when traveling and interacting with local people from different countries. This is especially essential when you are relocating to an English-speaking country such as the United States or Australia. Back to Ireland.

Mostly, we learn the basics of English in school, but the level rarely allows us to communicate effectively with the locals. In fact, learning in France is based on writing, grammar and vocabulary rather than comprehension and verbal expression.

You can now learn English from your smartphone!

However, with the development of technology in recent years, The Internet has made it possible to provide innovative solutions for learning a new language. In recent years, many Online schools Appearances: You can now learn the rules of poker or the basics of geography from the comfort of your own home. However, now most web browsing is done on mobile. This support is more practical than a computer or tablet and can be easily carried anywhere.

That is why There are now many applications to improve your EnglishAllows support for learning through practical exercises, with playful and effective teaching. So, if you want to improve your English quickly, here are four mobile apps created just for you while having fun!


If you are looking for an app that uses the game Springs to help you improve your English, Deolingo is very interesting. In fact, it allows users to choose their basic level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and then have fun, thanks to a series of lessons and exercises similar to mini-games. You can get trophies and points, which will increase the level of satisfaction and motivation. So your progress is well listed and you can deal with the most difficult ideas as you learn. The application has received numerous awards Language list Very comprehensive. It can satisfy all users looking for a playful and innovative feature.

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ELSA Speech: English Pronunciation Coach

Man with headphones
Artificial intelligence will adjust your pronunciation from your phone!

Do you have any pronunciation problem in English? Maybe you are reluctant to speak because of your accent? Do not worry, there is an application for you: Elsa Speak! What does she offer? A very simple and fun way to work on your English pronunciation, Thanks to a very powerful artificial intelligence, which will guide you step by step. The application focuses on the intuition and fluency of your verbal expression, which helps you gain confidence and helps you to be better understood by English speakers. With audio files, dummy dialogs and instant AI fixes, you can significantly improve your English pronunciation.

BBC English Learning

Did you know that the BBC has introduced its own processor to improve English? She thus offers The most comprehensive program allows you to maintain a good position while learning new expressions. This is a great way to learn about Language developments And be able to gain solid verbal comprehension in English. In fact, the app offers many audio programs that allow you to train your ears, but also entertain yourself. Of course, you can approach grammar and pronunciation lessons while learning vocabulary. So this is a very complete application!


If you are interested in reading, this app is great! In fact, its principle is simple: Learn English by reading. It offers many stories to read in English and in your mother tongue., So you can compare the two texts or see them when you are in trouble. You can read the story using karaoke mode to improve your English reading skills and practice your speaking skills. This is a great way to get rid of a language while learning it!

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