May 27, 2022


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50 years ago on Sète: Audiovisuals made learning English possible

Every day, an extract from an article or “spray” published in the Midi Libre edition of the Sète. 50 years ago, a new way of learning English came to town.

March 12, 1972: A small school opens

“Mini-School” is a method of teaching English in audiovisual mode designed for elementary school children. There are more than 150 in France, with definite results.

Sète Mini School should open soon.

It will be placed in the charge of Mrs. Henriet Sprecher, licensed by Anglis. Please note that this is not a private school.

Students, on average eight people per lesson, spend an hour a week in English, on Thursdays, with the facilitator or the parents of one of the students.

This is a very interesting initiative that completes schooling without copying work, and ensures significant improvement.

Two and a half days after the rain finally stopped, the people of the Setois happily noted yesterday that the sky was clear. We even saw the re-emergence of the sun that wanted to welcome the brave walkers competing at the commercial fortnight’s Grand Prix.

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