June 26, 2022


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6th and CM2 students edit their English thanks to Harry Potter at Jules-Ferry College in Montlocan (Allier)

Jules-Ferry College became Hogwarts on Tuesday morning, June 21st.

English teacher Kevin Theodore and his 6th graders welcomed the CM1-CM2 class of Marianne Guédon-Duchenes and Delphine Aufrère of Balzac School for a language project on the original edition of Harry Potter.

Games and entertainment in English

Students from both companies participated in four groups representing Hogwarts’ homes, and J.K. Performed different English games related to the history of Rowling.

Theatrical performances also take place in the language of Shakespeare. In each event, the houses received points for winning the DriveStart Trophy at the end of the morning.

A project within the framework of the school-college link

The project was born out of a meeting between Kevin Theodore and Marianne Gudon-Duchenne. As part of the school-college link, it allows for a better approach to knowledge with academic interest for both academic levels, both 6th and CM2. Kevin Theodore mentions.

It allows CM2 students to discover the college and its expectations. For those in 6th grade, everything they learned this year can be edited in a fun way. Added to this is the invention of Anglo-Saxon culture through the already well-known and very popular universe.

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A project that caught the attention of the Allier Academic Inspectorate

Many college teachers and parents of school students supervised the students during various sports.

Organized for the first time, this linguistic program sparked interest in national education. Catherine Listrod, Allier Educational Analyst’s Principal Educational Adviser and Advocate for Modern Languages, traveled from Yzeure this morning to attend.

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