June 28, 2022


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Writing a fluid and clear translation while respecting the original text requires attention to certain linguistic flaws. To allow you to start with peace of mind in English / French translation, Udemi offers you an online course that introduces you to the techniques and methods of professional translators.

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English has become an essential language in most areas and many employees or entrepreneurs need to master this language. In addition to oral skills, the use of English is often written, including writing reports or translating documents into French. However, making a good translation is not trivial, and requires some techniques to master the language and get a fluid and clear text without falling into the trap of direct translation.

Expressions, specific twists in the phrase, technical terms, false friends … the translator is constantly subjected to various traps. Udemy offers a comprehensive tutorial on how to translate from English to French to help you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that can be avoided in any translation.

Translate texts easily thanks to this tutorial

A Duration Lasting more than 8 hours, this online tutorial will help you identify common mistakes made by inexperienced translators and avoid them. This will allow you to find different translation processes and their status, and avoid misinterpretations or nonsense that may result from misunderstandings of friends, linguistic expressions, English languages, original text and direct translation. You will learn to be careful not to translate too much or, conversely, to be careful in sub-translating a text. Style, Record … This tutorial aims to provide you with all the keys to making true translations of texts in English. It includes a number of exercises that naturally increase difficulty and end with a training certificate that will undoubtedly add to your CV.

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This tutorial is aimed at anyone who wants to become a translator, student, professional or anyone interested in foreign languages ​​but simply wants to create translations from English to French. Basic knowledge of French, the English language, is also required in computer and writing.

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