May 27, 2022


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A new English adaptation for Georgino Vijnoldam


PSG: A new English adaptation for Georgino Vijnoldam

Dutch International may leave PSG to return to the English Meadows during next summer’s transfer window.

Retired from Liverpool in the summer of 2021, midfielder Giorgino Vijnold is battling to win the jersey. Paris Saint-Germain. Despite the playing time, he struggles and the exit is highly regarded. As for his future, he will have many keys.

If Atletico Madrid push hard to welcome him, the Netherlands will also have a chance to return to the English Premier League (85 caps, 26 goals). In fact, according to media reports Young footballers, The 31-year-old is said to be in the closetAustenville.

The villains are said to have already approached the player’s entourage considering future cooperation. Under the contract with the Club of the Capital until June 2024, Rotterdam’s native exchange market will be valued at மில்லியன் 25 million.

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