August 18, 2022


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A search has been launched to find an English journalist and a Brazilian anthropologist who went missing in the Amazon

In Brazil on the evening of Monday June 6, the public security of the union attached to the Ministry of Justice, the central police and the navy took an emergency intervention using helicopters and boats to search for the independent journalist. Dom Phillips and Brazilian anthropologist Bruno Araujo Pereira went on an expedition. Jawari Valley has been missing since Sunday morning, a region located in the northwest of the Brazilian Amazon, bordering Peru. The Union of Tribal Organizations of Jawari Valley (Uniwaja) issued an alert on Sunday over their disappearance and called on the union’s public security to launch a search.

In its motion, Public Safety immediately expressed concern “There is a widespread lack of adequate research evidence. It is fundamental, She mentions, The area of ​​Vale do Javari is huge (8.5 million hectares), so it is necessary to immediately reinforce the teams not only in numbers of people, but also in boats and helicopters. Navy and Army should have come on the scene first considering their presence in the region. In a stern statement Monday evening, Amazon’s military command promised it would “to carry out a research work”, But in the absence of an order to that effect, it has not yet been initiated “upper layer” Incites understanding and anger among the relatives of the missing.

Throughout Monday, Brazilian journalists and many of Dom Phillips’ international colleagues – writing in the British newspaper Guardian And the Americans The New York Times And The Washington Post – have launched a campaign on social networks asking the authorities to make the search more intensive. “It is unacceptable that a whole day was lost due to the lack of commitment of the Brazilian authorities. Bruno Pereira and Dom Phillips are somewhere in the Javari Valley, but the people who have really been involved in the research so far are from the area. Elian Broom, a journalist and author who lives in the Amazon and knows the region well, tweeted.

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“Not really an adventure to recommend”

In the evening, the families of the missing appealed to the Brazilian authorities, especially to the sister of Dom Phillips from England. He is survived by his wife, Alessandra Sampaio “Officers advised an urgent search [son] Husband and his shipping partner. When I make this call, she begs, They have been missing for more than thirty hours in the Javari Valley, one of the most conflicted regions of the Amazon. In the jungle, every second counts, every second can be a matter of life or death..

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