May 16, 2022


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A UK court has ruled that calling a man bald is sexual harassment

An English electrician was called “bald” by his supervisor. The judges considered this comment to be tantamount to sexual harassment.

The UK employment tribunal has ruled that calling a man ‘bald’ in the workplace is tantamount to sexual harassment. Defender. The court said the use of the word to describe a person was a form of discrimination. Talking about co-worker baldness is like talking about a woman’s breast size.

The decision was made by three magistrates who lamented that the decision had not been made. At the outset of this case, Tony Finn, an electrician who worked for British Pung for almost 24 years, filed a complaint.

After being fired, the former employee complained to his employer. He said his supervisor called him a “bald ass” during an argument. Tony Finn said the comment about his body composition hurt himself more than the insult.

One concept is “inherently gendered”

“It is difficult to conclude that the plaintiff’s superior uttered these words with the intent of undermining his dignity and with the intent to create an atmosphere of intimidation, hostility, humiliation, humiliation or insult to him,” he concluded.

The judges wondered if this comment was tantamount to sexual harassment. Advocating for this, the company’s lawyer insisted that women could also shave.

“However, all three members of this tribunal can testify that baldness is more common in men than women. So we believe it is inherently gender related,” the tribunal said.

Tony Finn will receive compensation from his company. The amount of this compensation has not yet been determined.

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In France, sexual harassment is defined as “the repeated imposition of ideas or behavior on a person with sexual or sexual meaning, undermining or threatening their dignity due to their degrading or degrading nature, and against hostility.” Or attack situation “,