January 18, 2022


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Academie française seeks to remove references in English

Edited by Oceane Théard, Gauthier Delomez
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11:08 am, January 07, 2022

The French Academy of Criticisms of the new National Identity Card (CNI), translated into English, points to a “violation of the Constitution” that came into force on August 2, 2021. The “Immortals” are threatening to seize the state to remove these non-French-language references.

“Family name” next to “name”, “given names” next to “first name” … these English languages ​​may appear Your New National Identity Card (CNI)
, And make the members of the French Academy jump in wanting to see them disappear. From the spring of 2021, when the new document was issued, the company opposed this translation into English. The “Immortals” are advancing again and threatening to seize State Board

Attack on the “language of the country”

“We protested and everyone published articles saying it was not normal. It did not provoke any reaction,” lamented Helen Guerrero de Encos, the permanent secretary of the French Academy, at Europe 1’s microphone. “First, we’ve talked to the Prime Minister, we’ll see what he has to say, he’s going to repeal this rule, or we’ll take legal action.

Hélène Carrère d’Encausse is the Permanent Secretary of the Academy Franchise.
Credit: Oceane Théard

For “immortals”, this translation is unconstitutional, saying it is the “language of the French Republic”. “It’s out of place compared to the French language,” says Helen Carer D’encos. “It’s not just another language in this country, it’s the language of this country,” he adds. “This suggests that the French language is not enough to describe someone, to describe the most basic things,” the permanent secretary of the academy asks.

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