June 27, 2022


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After English, the Holy Ovley app teaches children Spanish and Chinese

Launched in 2015 by two sisters, Stephanie Bourgeois and Julie Bougainville, in Besanன்கon (Toupez), this two-point zero learning method enhances its opportunity by learning Spanish and Chinese.

“A Gado Negro”, A black cat in Spanish. At startup or young shoot offices in Besancon, it’s time for final changes. On the one hand, Constance, 8, the daughter of one of the two founders, Julie Bougainville, is playing this game. On his side, his mother contacted his team for a video conference before the application in Spanish began in early July.

Holy Owl An app developed by two sisters Stephanie Bourgeois and Julie Bougainville from Besanசோon. It was only when she returned from Shanghai that Stephanie realized that there was nothing in France for her children to continue learning English. For this reason he co-founded this app to learn foreign languages, especially English, with his sister. This adventure which started in 2015 continues as you will be able to learn Spanish and soon Chinese in a few more days.

“Academics are unchanged, meaning children learn three words or three sentences around the weekly theme, use them over and over again thanks to voice recognition, and then they can progress at their own pace. For English, a super room consisting of two rooms, an English room and a Spanish room. By choosing the hero there will always be 5 minutes of Spanish a day. Details about Julie Bougan, co-founder of the Holy Oval.

In Nottingham, where the application was launched, schools in the Notre Dame de Saint-Gene Company, about forty classes, use the app from kindergarten. First as a group, children need to identify colors and numbers. Then, the more they progress in learning the language, the more independent they are. So, every one of the elderly has a pill.

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This bold method is designed for authors, but thanks to the app that can be downloaded from the app Google Games And AppStore. It costs 9.99 euros a month or 95.99 euros a year depending on the number of children.

Next September, Holy Owly will release its Mandarin version to meet more demand. “We are the market leader, we have a unique tool in the world. We also have the ambition to internationalize our system, especially in the United States.” Julie Bougan concludes.