May 18, 2022


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AJ Brown's shirt number has been revealed

AJ Brown’s shirt number has been revealed

AJ Brown will wear the No. 11 shirt with Philadelphia Eagles. This fate has been officially announced by the team before Pro Bowl Broad Future’s inaugural press conference Monday evening.

We already know No. 11 is a good look for Brown considering he rocked it so well with Tennessee Titans. (However, I will argue that the number 11 in the Titans jersey line looks better than Eagles No. 11.)

There was originally some question as to whether Brown would wear the number 11 since then Zac Pascal opted for this look earlier this off season. But now Brown will be the first Eagles member to wear the No. 11 since losing it…Carson Wentz. Great opportunity for people to break off the duct tape and write “Brown” on the back of their old #11 shirts.

Brown is Eagles Sport’s first No. 11 wide receiver since Josh Huff wore it in the rookie season in 2014. Before him, Steve Smit had worn it in 2012. I’m going to go out on an limb and say Brown is going to get the Eagles career better than those Men.

With Pascal out of 11th place, He tweeted a picture of himself Photoshop to shirt #3. I can’t say I like it for him. He should really be allowed to wear the number 87, but the Eagles have somewhat inexplicably held that number since Brent Selleck’s retirement afterward. Energy LII.

Steve Nelson wore a third for the Eagles last year. This look worked with fellow debutant Darius Sly wearing No. 2. Nelson Felley left to sign for the Houston Texans earlier this month.

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