August 9, 2022


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Angels-Mariners brawl leads to 8 expulsions

Angels-Mariners brawl leads to 8 expulsions

The skies were simmering on Sunday afternoon in Anaheim, leading to a brawl to clear seats during the second half of the Angels’ game against the team. Seattle Mariners.

Things got so crazy that at one point, an entire box of sunflower seeds was released into the field.

At the top of the second half, Angels bowler Andrew Wentz drilled Mariners right-back Jesse Winker into the leg with a pitch. This drove Winker, who kept trying to get to Wantz before he was joined on the field by both dugouts and bullpens when a brawl broke out.

This was the last issue between the teams of this series. He threw Wantz behind Julio Rodriguez’s head in the first half. This came after Mike Trout was pissed off by the pitch that he had approached his head the night before.

By the time things calmed down, six players and both managers had been dismissed on Sunday. While the rulers were arranging matters, Rizel Iglesias In fact he grabbed a big carton of sunflower seeds from the angels’ lair and threw it into the field.

Winker walked off the field with a double nod to the crowd, too.

In all, Mariners manager Scott Service, and Angels interim manager Phil Nevin were featured alongside Winker, Wontz, JB Crawford, Iglesias, Julio Rodriguez, and Ryan Tebera.

The Angels won the match 2-1, thanks to Luis Rengifo at home and David MacKinnon’s RBI song at number seven. It was their first win in the three-game series and their second in six.

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A full brawl erupted during the Angels-Mariners game on Sunday afternoon. (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Phil Nevin suspended 10 matches and waived 11 more

Major League Baseball released a long list of suspensions Monday night, starting with Nevin.

Nevin got the biggest suspension, and he will miss the next 10 matches. Other sudden suspensions include the Angels’ translator and several coaches.

The full list:

  • Angels Manager Phil Nevin: 10 matches

  • Mariners Jesse Winker: 7 games

  • Angels III Baseman Anthony Rendon: 5 matches

  • Angels pitching coach Dom Chitty: 5 matches

  • Mariners shortstop GB Crawford: 5 matches

  • Pitcher of Angels Andrew Wantz: 3 matches

  • Archangel Ryan Tebera: 3 matches

  • Pitcher of Angels Razel Iglesias: 2 matches

  • Mariners player Julio Rodriguez: 2 games

  • Angels bench coach Ray Montgomery: 2 games

  • Angels Mane del Campo translator: 2 games

  • Hunting Angels Coach Bill Haselman: One Match

Although Serveis was fired, he was never suspended. In total, 12 players or coaches were suspended.

If anyone chooses to appeal the suspension, it will be deferred until that is settled. Rendon is currently on the injured list, and will be suspended when he returns next season. He cannot sit on the bench for seven matches.