May 16, 2022


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Are you reconsidering teaching French from “translation”?

Chandel Meyer-Critenton


In the interview Traveler, Sutbury’s French Language Newspaper, Mrs. Mayor-Gridendon warns that translation should not be used as an impediment. Need to develop a technique that will be well taught and well used by students.

“If we are allowed to speak anything, in any language, English is sure to succeed.”

“It is not necessary to run English or teach in English and then build relationships in French. How to build children’s existing knowledge, ”he continues. It may be English, but for immigrants it may be their language.

The first edition of the work in the dominant language

“Students may have good ideas in their dominant language, in the language they think, but will have difficulty expressing them. As a result, it may be a very underdeveloped idea as they do not follow the instructions exactly, ”the professor explains.

He argues that if the first edition of the work was done in the dominant language, there would be language gains in producing the final edition in French.

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