August 12, 2022


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Arié Elmaleh reveals his school memories and the amazing way he learned English!

Returning to cinema as an academy inspector (The Very Very High Class), Ari Elmaleh reminisces about his school and how he learned English.

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Among the actors Very, very high class – In theaters August 2022 -, Ari Elmaleh Playing the role of Benoit, a very serious academy inspector, interested in letters and learning to read, “Very idealistic and a bit stuck up“, in the words of its translator. A burlesque and somewhat romantic comedy it is “It also raises serious issues like illiteracy, which affects more adults than one might think“, explains the actor in an interview given to our colleagues Overview. Arié Elmaleh uses this bracket of school to come to his own memories of his schooling.

“I’m not a very studious student”

The school left me with happy memories even though I was not a student. I started doing theater there, at 14 it was like a revelationThen hand it over Companion to Barbara Schulz. When I lived in Morocco, I listened to my Beatles tapes over and over and thanks to that I learned English., Ari Elmaleh continues. Born in Morocco, he grew up in Casablanca to take comedy lessons at the Théâtre du Rond-Point in Paris after a brief stint at law school. “Then, when I came to Paris for the first time, my brother took me to see Philippe Gaber, this genius actor who played dozens of characters on stage.“, quoted Overview.

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Brothers are constantly comparing

If they ever worked together – when dubbing Despicable Me 3 For example, the two Elmaleh brothers often compete. Guest Moment of luxury Last year, the younger explained it to his host The public constantly compared them and sometimes did not hesitate to praise one.While serving you ten times a day:Are you God Elmaleh’s brother?’, it’s a little sad because people don’t appreciate me for being deep, but I tell myself because I’m God Elmaleh’s brother. Sometimes people aren’t malicious, they’re just a little clumsy.“, he later explained.

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