June 26, 2022


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Ariège: A kind of English immersion school will open next academic year

First time in France. At the beginning of the next school year, an English immersion school will open in Saint-Paul-de-Jarrat in the cave of Klose Catala, and will welcome a group of 19 kindergarten children.

More than six months after the call to explore the campus, Baptiste and Hannah Delvelle are on track to make their project a reality. Opened the first fully immersed school in English in France.

The couple settled in Ariège, precisely in Saint-Paul-de-Jarrat in Close Catala, with past experience teaching abroad, expecting the first kindergarten children at the beginning of the next school year. A realization Long-term plan And the couple, who already manage a “high-speed company” on Foix, firmly believe in it.

A “great” place to learn

Finally, at Clos Cathala in Géraldine Portoles, Hannah, an American teacher, and Baptiste, a graduate in education and teaching, found the “best” place. “I contacted several structures, and when I went to Klose Catalas he was directly interested in Gelrodin’s project. He loved the children and appreciated the idea that they should be revitalized in the garden. , In this lush setting, with the breathtaking view of the Pyrenees and the kings of the forest and animals, children can develop.

In the process, the future director of the IA School went to Townhall to get the necessary recognition. There he received a warm welcome இருந்தது and was eager. “I met the mayor, his deputy and the director of the municipal school. Everyone saw the interest of the municipality and were even ready to form collaborations in the future.

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What balm to give to the two project leaders heart, they regularly organize information meetings for more than a year to give their teaching to Ariège parents. Others, in different forms (1)Registrations (and pre-posts) are already open but should take place in the coming weeks.

A unique education system

Initially, it was a group of 19 children aged 3 to 6, who would develop into this new environment. With the exception of French grammar and spelling, all functions are given in English, and in this age, the focus is on “processes” rather than “product”. “At that age, it is important to explain the product and make it understandable to the public, before and after seeing the product more clearly,” explains Baptist Delvale. It goes through quiet times, but also group activities and environment in an organization that allows for many things (establishing a vegetable garden, discovering nature, etc.)

Also, parents can choose the rhythm four and a half days a week, thus including only “school nature” or four days on Wednesdays. The group’s discovery will be open to parents who are not enrolled in the morning IA school (but will require a one – year commitment). Finally, children will eat where they have seen evolution, especially in the vegetable garden or directly in the kitchen, where the oversight team will take care of preparing the food every morning.

A big project, if it works smoothly, will see the arrival of higher levels at the beginning of the next academic year.

Fundraising for the first steps of the AI ​​School

Fundraising work is underway in Leetchi to purchase school supplies and pay the internal administrative costs at its inception. Here. So those who are interested can make a small gesture according to their power.

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Keep in mind that a childcare group of five people is somewhat formed. Hannah will be one of the part-time teachers with another American, Maggie. All three of their assistants and coaches will be currently or at the end of their university studies in the United States.

(1) several meetings to inquire, an information meeting (July 1, 6:30 pm); Educational Moments (June 25 and July 2, 10am to 11:30 pm) and June 25 from 12 noon to 3 pm and June 23 from 4 pm to 7 pm with picnic round meetings. For more information: www.ecoleia.fr. Contacts: [email protected] or by phone: 09 86 60 81 70.