May 18, 2022


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At Moon Interdite, this lunar sentence in English that allows a 25-year-old man to work as a permanent employee at Disneyland completely deceives the M6 ​​audience.

“Zone Interdite” was behind the scenes Disneyland Sunday, March 20th. An incredible dive into the universe of the amusement park that is visited by over 30,000 people a day every year. M6 The family (father, mother and two daughters) who work at Disneyland have long followed many like Jessica, A slave who spends a sum of women to satisfy his Disney interestOr Antonine, a 25-year-old man who wants to make his first permanent contract at Disneyland.

In “Zone Interdite”, he gradually followed Anton, which began with his job interview. Arranged by a dating job manager at Disneyland on the weekends, he had to hire his 59 to 1000 servers Restaurants. Antonine applies to one of these conditions. This man’s shyness is obvious, but he seems to be in good faith and he is shown some experience. Except there is a big problem: English. When the Disneyland hire asks him a question in Shakespeare’s language, Anton loses all his way. Satisfied with how to say his name, first name, age. Then, it was all white. He does not know English, not even a little. However, in one sentence, he tends to scales in his favor. As part of his presentation he says, “I have a cat, a dog, a horse and a chicken.” That means: “I have a cat, a dog, a horse and a chicken”. At this point, frankly, we think it was done for Antonin and everyone watching the show should feel bad about him. However, the recruiter says he is mesmerized by his profile and thinks Antoine will have plenty of time to progress in English. So he is taken on a permanent contract Horse And chicken. Amidst the complete surprise and mild depression, “Zone Interdite” did not know how to greet the audience.

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Apparently, on his first day, Anton would be helpless in front of German and English customers, not understanding what they were saying. But, with the help of a good colleague, the 25-year-old will be dragged away. Also, take out insurance gradually, after which working as an employee at Disneyland will allow him to do his job without the many misrepresentations. Even when looking at the last pictures of the report “Restricted Zone”English is still the working language for him.

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