August 18, 2022


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At Querrien, the British were inspired by their duty to commemorate the battle of Kerbocek – Querrien

The fighting in the village of Kerbocek on July 29, 1944 was an important fact for the Guerian commune. Soldiers and people have not forgotten this tragedy of protesting the parachute program at this place where three people lost their lives. Two monuments were erected in memory of these victims: English Major Acton Smith, Sergeant Maurice Meudon from Solette and Louis Fiche, 70 years old and owner of a farm burned by the Germans. A commemoration takes place every two years and almost 80 years later never fails to amaze England.

Reported by an English journalist and photographer

That is why, over the weekend of July 16th and 17th, an English journalist and photographer came to Guerion to report on the protests during the war. Andrew Alderson and Christopher Cox did this at the request of Lord Ashcroft, an English businessman and collector.

Guided by Marcel Moison and Andrew Chamberlin, the trip took them to Kerbosek, Gerstang Kompot, Poblay in Meslan, and St-Barbe School in Faute. Places sadly marked by war. All these places were important to the resistance in the days before the battle of Kerbocek.

Meeting with the last witness of tragedy

Andrew Alderson and Christopher Cox meet miller son Yves Naur at the Kerlevené mill, the last living witness to the tragedy.

The report will appear in London newspapers on Sunday 24 July. In Kerbocek, there will be a ceremony on Saturday July 30 from 10:30am. It will be organized by veterans.