May 19, 2022


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Before going to Ireland: Learn the basics of English on a small budget

There are many reasons that lead people to migrate from one country to another, and one of these reasons is to learn a new language and, therefore, to experience a new culture.

However, coming to a country without speaking and understanding a minimal language is not always easy. Although the purpose of change is to learn, there are many benefits to preparing a little better than others.

If you not only want to study in Ireland but also want to work in the country, a Minimum level of English Can open more doors for you and more interesting and fulfilling experiences.

This is because in this article we are going to list some techniques and ways to learn the basics of English without investing much money, if it is true that sometimes it is difficult to learn a new language on your own. Ireland.

Get ready for your arrival at the airport!

If you have never taken an English course or have a very low level of knowledge of the language, the first step may be to search for videos simulating conversations at the airport on Youtube, and above all you should contact the immigration authorities (not part of Ireland.Schengen areaSo there will be passport restriction!) And it is always good to be prepared if you need to ask for information.

Another good trick is to look for videos that simulate conversations in a restaurant and, above all, at least learn how to get to the food, drink and bathroom! These phrases should already be in your mind when you come to Ireland.

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There are many youtube channels with free lessons for all levels of English. Do a little research and bring your notebook and take notes!

Discounted private lessons

Another way to get the basics of English before you go to Ireland is to study private lessons for a few days. On sites like Fiverr, for example, you can find English teachers (in the French language, this is very promising!) At very affordable prices.

English lessons online

If your goal is to work as quickly as possible, some sites also offer Business English Training.

Practice a lot of what you hear through podcasts

It’s important to know how to use the Internet and find multimedia tools such as videos, games and audio to practice your English.

The Web light A great way to train your understanding: Learn to speak a language and learn to listen to it! You can find them on Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify and many more. There are themed podcasts if you want to focus on a certain dimension of English first.

Whether you are involved in art, politics, music, comedy or interviews, you can definitely find one or more shows that make up the podcast universe and make it to your favorites list.

The woman listening to the podcast

English books with tutorials

It is important to practice on the internet on your computer or mobile phone and stay away from digital gadgets to clear your mind and read old-fashioned with pen and paper.

Take a few minutes to relax, practice breathing, and get started! Take time to read English language books with exercises from your learning. The good old methods should not be ignored as they allow you to avoid spreading too thin and keep your concentration.

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English book

Depending on the size of your English language, you can read novels. A good tip is to choose books that are designed Teenage audiences, The structure of the characters is generally not as complex as books for adult audiences. Also, if you have to stop at every line to translate a word, you will soon get tired. It is better to read letters that seem easy to you or try to understand only 2 or 3 new words per page.

Practice in all aspects of daily life

Keep in mind that it takes a lot of practice to achieve fluency and fluency in the language. Introduce English as much as possible in your daily life and do not be afraid to search when unfamiliar words come to you. Get started now by changing your phone language in settings and start developing intimacy with English. At first it was not easy, but do not get tired!

If you have English speaking friends, use the opportunity to practice via SMS or video calls via WhatsApp or Skype. Do not be ashamed to make mistakes, above all they are your friends and they will help you to find and correct common mistakes.

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Are you going there? Go to Ireland!