May 18, 2022


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Bellator 276 Scores: Live Streaming of Play-by-Play Updates |  Burex vs Purnell

Bellator 276 Scores: Live Streaming of Play-by-Play Updates | Burex vs Purnell

Bellator 276 is set later TONIGHT (Saturday, March 12, 2022) from inside The Family Arena in St. Louis, Mo. , which features a featherweight showdown between top contenders Adam Burkes and Mads Burnell, who are Currently restricted to 2nd place in the official classification. In the co-main event, former Light Heavyweight Champion Phil Davis fights Julius Anglickas.

The main card of Bellator 276 will air on Showtime at 6 PM ET, with the bottom card “Prelims” going live at 9 PM ET. here. You’ll provide the full card scores and overall gameplay for the televised segment of Bellator 276 below.

Many readers check in before, during and after fights to share their thoughts on all the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 276) about spells and chat with all the other lunatics during the show – it’s always a lot of fun!

145 lbs: Adam Burkes vs. Mads Burnell
205 lbs: Phil Davis against. Julius Angelicas – Davis by unanimous decision
185 lbs: John Salter against Johnny Eblen – Ebelin by unanimous decision
155 lbs: Jay Jay Wilson vs. Jay Jay Wilson. Gadji Rabadanov – Rabadanov by unanimous decision
205 lbs: Alex Polizi against. Jose Augusto – Polizzi via submission (naked rear throttle)
185 lbs: romero cotton vs. Freddy Sandoval – Cotton via TKO first round (punches)
125 lbs: Diana Avsaragova vs. Kyra Batara – Avsaragova by unanimous decision
145 lbs: Cody Lo against. James Adcock – Law via KO first round (punches)
170 lbs: Roman Faraldo against. Kelvin Rayford – Faraldo via first round TKO (punches)
135 lbs: Jordan Howard against. Trevor Ward – Howard via TKO from the second round (punched)
185 lbs: Nico Alcaraz vs. Stanton Kitchenerside – Alcaraz via 2nd round submission (Americana)

Bellator 276 Playing with a game

Adam Burex against. Mads Purnell

first round:

second round:

Third round:

Fourth round:

Fifth round:

The final result:

Phil Davis against. Julius Angelicas

Round 1: Angelikas shoots a hard hit. Davis’ right hand. Davis shoots a removal order while stuffed. Good start for Angelicas. The high kick lands in Davis’s favour. Right hand straight down center for Davis. Angelicas light on his feet, Davis with a double hit. Anglikas with a clean right hand. Davis double hit, shot to the body. Anglekas jade on the right raised. Low kick from Davis land, another. Angellickas throws his right hand in the middle. He was shot in the body by Davis. Davis shoots for removal and he gets it. Davis side control. Angelicas tries to escape. Davis drops some shots, my knees are on Davis’ belly. Anglicans try to get up but that’s easier said than done against a strong wrestler like Davis. 10-9 Davis

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Second round: They take the center of the cage. One two Angelicas find nothing but air. Kick to the Body by Davis. Low kick from Davis. Right hand down the middle lands to Davis. Gap by Angelicas. A powerful low kick from Davis momentarily packs Angelicas. The high kick saved by Angelicas. Angelicas looking for the right side, not landing. Davis spins away quite well, and doesn’t give Anglickas the angles he wants. Right hand goes down by Angelicas as I say so. Davis with a jab to the body. Davis got the Anglickas and secured the removal, maybe adding slowly. Davis side control. Davis is looking to secure Kimura. Knees of Davis. Davis shaves well as the Angelicas try to escape. Lateral control back to Davis. Davis’ short elbows are finding their mark. Davis is again looking for the Kimura, and drops some powerful shots to the side of Angelikas’ body. Angelicas is trying really hard to get up, but it just doesn’t happen to him. Another dominant round from Davis. 10-9 Davis

Round Three: Low kick by Angelicas. Davis a double hit, but a great head move from Angelicas. A kick to the body from Davis lands appears to hurt Angelicas. Davis shoots takedwon while being stuffed by Anglikas. Davis shot again with a double leg, carried him, took a few steps to the center of the cage and slammed his opponent. Just very good when it comes to wrestling. Lateral control again for Davis, as he searches for Kimura again. This is literally a mirror of the first two rounds. Anglikas drops some shots to the body, but it does not cause any inconvenience at all. Davis doesn’t give up on his Kimura attempt. Davis mounts, he’s now looking for a triangle and Angelicas is on his feet. Davis pulls him down. Angelicas returned, and Davis pulled him down again. Angellickas wakes up again. This time Davis made him face the cage. Davis is trying really hard for removal and he’s got it. Angelicas, unchecked, returns. We can’t question his heart. Davis manages to drag him to the rug with time running out, picking him up and slamming him. 10-9 Davis

Final result: Davis defeats Anglikas by unanimous decision

John Salter against Johnny Eblen

Round one: a touch of gloves. Salter with a low kick, Ebelin lands with his powerful right hand. Calf kick from Ibelin lands. Salter with jab, connects. Another low kick lands in Ebelin’s favour. Salter’s left hand is pretty, and Ibelin shot in and landed. Salter shoots an arm triangle and it’s airtight. Eblen works hard to escape, he does. The guard is now closed to Ebelin. Salter feeds on Ibelin with shots to the side of the head. Ebelin with a huge elbow from the top position. Ebelin doesn’t do much with this situation. Salter tries to work but is simply strangled by Ebelin. In-ear shots from Salter. Eblen sets himself up to try to offload some insult, Forbidden. Ebelin seems content to merely neutralize Salter for the time being. 10-9 Ebelin

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Round 2: The left hook goes down for Eblen, followed by a low hit. Salter tries to raise his right hand and hit Ebelin’s glove. A gentle straight right hand descends for Ebelin. Kick to the body from Ebelin. Salter with his right hand. Hard body kick from Ebelin, high jingle. Salter starts to back off a little more as Ebelin pushes the pace, discovering the intensity. Double hit from Ibelin. Calf kick from Salter. Salter is looking for a removal, but Ebelin moves very well, not at all stable. Eblen shot him and landed in a takedown against the cage. Ebelin caught Salter in front of the cage and Salter managed to escape. Back to working feet. Eblen pitching shutdown yet. A gentle blow to the body from Ebelin, followed by another solid kick, Salter felt it. Salter throws a knee, low blow. Ebelin took his time to recover. Resuming the action, Eblen throws a high kick, he is repulsed. tour on. 10-9 Ebelin

Round Three: A nice halfway kick from Ebelin. Salter counters with a left hook Salter throws some high kicks, but they have absolutely none. Ebelin slips with his left hand. The right to the body of Salter, then counters Ebelin with the right to his body. Nice hand raise from Salter. Solid right hand to the middle, then the body of the Ebelin. The left counter is from Salter. Salter inhales his right hand, tracks down Ebelin and lands with a massive left hook. The high hit lands in Ebelin’s favour. Eblen looks sharp in the third and final round. Two minutes left in the fight. Salter needs to finish. Ebelin pushes Salter toward the cage, trying with one leg. Eblen gets takedown This game, set, must match Eblen if Salter can’t come back. Eblen is in lateral control, landing with a massive elbow, and another. Dominant performance from Ebelin. 10-9 Ebelin.

Final result: Ebelin defeated Salter by unanimous decision

Jay Jay Wilson vs. Gadji Rabadanov

Round one: Wilson opens with a rotating rear fist, Rabadanoff answers with his sold-out left hand. Wilson with a low kick, check. Double hit by Rabadanov. Wicked crackle kick by Wilson. Rabadanoff pressure, jab. fire on the body. Wilson bounces back with another low kick. Rabadanov is searching for space, right barely mistaking Wilson. Heck misses a kick for Wilson. Rabadanov waiting for the opening, heaving a low kick. Spinning back fist back from Wilson. Gap breaks into Rabadanoff and Wilson with a kick to the body, then a left hook. Rabadanov retreats for a moment. Return to the center of the cage. Wilson works the rear overhand grip for the third time in the first round, not sure why. 10-9 Wilson

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Round two: a shot at Wilson’s body, Rabadanov entered for takedown, stuffed. Jaap off Wilson, pushes Rabadanoff toward the cage and briefly gets the removal. Calf kick from Wilson, Rabadano with kick to center. Rabadanov with a gentle stroke, Wilson tries to strike back with his left hand. Nice raised ground to the right for Wilson. Rabadanov goes into the removal process and he gets it. Half guard for Rabadonov. Shots to the body, Wilson trying to shoot from the back, which is no good. Wilson is trying hard to work his way back in. Rabadanov is a good position and does not let him go. Rabadanov takes his positions and drops a few strikes from the top of the position to close the round. 10-9 Rabadanov

Round Three: Wilson quickly takes the center of the cage. Kick to the body from Wilson. Calf kick from Rabadanov. Rabadanoff digs deep and captures Wilson to score a massive defeat. good job! Rabadanoff searches for a naked choke, giving Wilson space to escape. Wilson leaves a group of three hits, not landing cleanly on anything. Rabdanov kicks the knee. Rabadanov shoots to remove another and he gets it. Half guard, looking up into the position to land some shots. Even Wilson’s kick, it didn’t land and now Rabadanov is getting his back. Wilson rolls over, trying to escape but Rabadanoff has too much control here. Wilson in his quest for armlock rendering, he can’t get it. Rabadanoff drops some back-ear shots and Wilson shoots for a triangle, can’t go in. Wilson, who is continuing his work, needs to finish hi Maryam here. Don’t get it with time running out. 10-9 Rabadanov

Final result: Rabadanov defeats Wilson by unanimous decision

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