May 18, 2022


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Black Panther manager Ryan Coogler was wrongly targeted as a bank robber

Black Panther manager Ryan Coogler was wrongly targeted as a bank robber

Bank employees think wrong Ryan Coogler He was organizing a burglary, so they called the police, and the famous manager ended up briefly handcuffed.

According to an Atlanta PD report obtained by TMZ, Coogler was taken into custody after he stopped at Bank of America for a transaction back in January — a perfectly legal transaction but that’s not the way a teller took it.

Coogler walked by in swinging shades and a COVID face mask — not uncommon, of course — but gave the cashier a checkout slip with a note written on his back.

We were told that his message read, “I would like to withdraw $12,000 in cash from my checking account. Please count the money elsewhere. I would like to be conservative.” Understandable, given how much money he was getting, but this led the teller to think something suspicious was going down, and the cops were called in to attempt a burglary.

When the officers arrived, they held two people waiting for Ryan outside in an SUV and then went in and pulled the manager himself out, handcuffed.

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After investigation, police said this was just a serious mistake and the fault lay with the BoA employee, whom the report described as a pregnant black woman.

According to the report, when the teller went to make the transaction on his computer, it set off some kind of alert. So, she told her boss Coogler was trying to rob the bank, and they called 911.

In the end, the cops realized that this was a mistake, and that Ryan had done nothing wrong. Looks like Ryan wasn’t too happy. The report notes that he requested the badge numbers of all responding officers once all were released.

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He’s been in GA a lot over the past year, filming a sequel to “Black Panther,” which itself was a drama-filled process with injuries to the cast and alleged talk of a COVID plot. And now… this.