May 27, 2022


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Bond welcomes you in English, Italian and Spanish

Activities of language workshops have always been in high demand in Pontius Aquiville, where the association offers three-level English courses.

These activities are part of the many activities of the association, which is divided into several classes for forty students, the chairman Jean-Claude Pascual, in agreement with all members, decided to wear the mask until the end. March. Indoors.

The association also teaches Spanish and Italian, with the aim of learning the basics of the language, making it easier for you to communicate when you are abroad, and to make it easier to welcome people living in cities affiliated with the city of Spirontine.

Three groups for English lessons

English lovers can choose from three groups, two level beginners for those who are not confident of appearing in the conversation class.

The third group is fluent in the language, but will improve the English they speak.

To Mary Dominic, who was a tour guide, “English is good for my practice. I’m going back to conversation classes to improve and improve Shakespeare’s language. Our volunteer coach, Andrew Henderson, is not happy if we speak French. . “

Everyone has their own pace

Mary Dominic agrees:

“Lessons take place in a good mood and exchange, but always with the utmost intensity, allowing you to work at your own pace, according to your understanding. A warm, sober atmosphere, focused on conversation, requires the tailor to speak English, English.”

The campus is located in La Cazerne and anyone interested can join the groups.

The Pont Vous Accueille Association is organizing its empty cabinet on Sunday, April 3, at the Cazerne Village Hall.

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Bond welcomes you: Phone. 04 66 90 73 02.

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