May 18, 2022


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BTS’s RM reveals that he speaks English more fluently than Korean

Only RM should return from BTS when speaking English. The artist, who admitted to learning English by watching the series ‘Friends’, still shines in this language today.

Most recently, on April 9th, RM went live on V LIVE to hang out and chat with fans after a second night of concert in Las Vegas.

During this live broadcast, RM talked about many things and answered many questions of the fans in Korean and English. So not only the Korean military can understand RM, but also international fans.

Because RM often changes from Korean to English, especially when traveling in the United States, there are times when you wonder what language ARMY wants to speak, to which RM finally responded on his show. Live!

According to RM, he shares that he sometimes prefers to speak English rather than his native Korean. English is very comfortable for him.

“What I felt while playing in Las Vegas was that I sometimes feel comfortable speaking English.“, Said R.M.

He then expressed his reasoning and explained that whenever he spoke Korean, there were times when he could not speak as he wished. He will be more careful in what he says.

However, when speaking in English, RM shares how far behind he is, and can express his feelings and say what he wants immediately.

“I have never studied abroad or anything, but sometimes I am still honest when I speak English. When I speak Korean, I’m very careful. When I speak English, you know, ‘No man, that’s not a problem.’ I’m like that “He announced.

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But due to the way the Korean language is structured and the rituals that come with it, it can be said that one should be very careful when speaking RM.

RM said: “But when I speak Korean, I’m like, ‘Hello, thank you for joining us today.’ That’s the difference.”

To date, RM has been making a lot of efforts to improve his English proficiency. In fact, he shared in the past that people thought he could speak English whenever he wanted. However, RM explains that his English would get worse if he did not speak for a month.

Unless you are studying or living abroad, you will soon forget the language if you do not use it often. That’s the language problem.Then R.M.