June 28, 2022


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Ceremony to honor English soldiers at Baron-sur-Oden

The 4And Kings Shropshire Light Infantry was a battalion of British Light Infantry made up of non-professional soldiers who belonged to the same region and were compelled for war reasons. The battalion of 1,000 men took part in the Battle of Normandy as part of the 11th Armored Division.And Shielded.

These soldiers landed in mid-June 1944 and took part in Operation Epsom, which began on June 25, 1944, with the intention of taking Hill 112, crossing Orn, and encircling Kane. The 4And Kings Shropshire was located here Baron-sur-Oden (Calvados) Is headquartered in Chatto du Ponce. It remained there until August 1944. During the battle for Hill 112, the battalion lost several men. To commemorate, a masonry has been erected at the Municipal Park.

We greeted the delegation of about thirty people near the stone with garlands and religious tributes., Said Mayor Georges Lignell. Gilles Osmont, president of the Odon-Cote 112 Association, the mayor and elected officials attended the event. As for the war in Ukraine, these memorable moments are important moments to remember the weakness of peace and the horrors of war.

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