January 18, 2022


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Death of Captain Franசois Monclaw who kicked an Englishman

Third line note from 1950-1960, Bernouis Franசois Moncla, who died at the age of 89, the match’s hat trick and two shields from Brennas and. .. kicked in the buttocks for one of his English pillars in Twickenham.

His grandfather was a black man, and his father cut the paths of the Osaw Valley with gravel. He established himself on all fronts until he reached the tricolor at the age of 24.

During XV’s successful tour of France in South Africa in 1958, he came to life with racism, and Mongla wore 31 blue jerseys, 18 of which were captains, during which the tricolor ruled Europe.

He thus won three consecutive five-nation tournaments (1959, 1960, 1961), without losing a single match in the last two (3 wins each, 1 draw).

But since 1959 he has become a legend. In an open scrum, Moncla repeatedly kicks the buttocks of the English pillar in the offside position and screams at Twickenham Stadium.

– “Unity” –

“In English, it’s always been rude but perfect: a few rooms, a kick in the butt but no corruption …”, he said later.

In February 1961, Moncla was the captain of the Blues, one of the most shocking in history against the same Springboks, touring Europe, which ended in an unbeaten score of 0-0.

In France, his career was divided between racing, where he defeated Prennes in 1959 and then did the same in 1964. He joined the division, where he coached juniors, and he was president from 1979 to 1985. .

This staunch reader of L’Humanité, a staunch leftist who has spent his entire career in the EDF, campaigned for the CGT and the Communist Party. “After I live, I believe in the unity of human beings. Help each other to have a better life,” said Mongla, who was 82 years old on the Left Front’s list during the 2014 municipal elections in Paulo.

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