May 18, 2022


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Depotok. Relations between the Normans and the British: Our best enemies?

Between Normandy and England, there is a common history of ten centuries. William is the winner. Hundred Years’ War. Coastal Tourism. Industrial Revolution. Two world wars. Cultural and business exchanges. Fishing … Here are 5 things to keep in mind from our depot dedicated to the relationship between Normans and Englishmen provided by Emily Flohatt.

  • One year after Brexit, our relationship is in a very bad state. Example: Fishing.

After Brexit, Norman fishermen could no longer go fishing in English waters, especially around the Channel Islands. An agreement signed between London and Brussels at the end of 2020 allows European fishermen to continue working in British waters, subject to the condition of obtaining a fishing license. For that they have to prove that they have fished there before. But the French and the English argue over the nature and quantity of the supporting documents to be provided.

Like our British neighbors – who were very disappointed by this agreement – like our Jersey and Guernsey cousins ​​- who finally realized that this was not a Sanjeevi – little by little we discovered that we were engaged in a damaging trench war. .

Mark Delahey, director of the Normandy Regional Fisheries Board

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Débadoc Normandy – England: Fishing

© France 3 Normandy

In our debadoc, Michael Dots, director of the Regional Tourism Board and a British man who has lived in France for 30 years, responds:

“You can imagine my embarrassment … of the 9,000 British permanent citizens in Normandy … if we had the chance to vote … because those who have lived on the continent for more than 15 years do not have the right to vote, you can imagine it” We would all have voted to be in Europe. Coming from a pro-European generation, this is a terrible embarrassment for us right now.Because there is no winner in this situation. Explaining there by fishing is the beginning of the problem, I am afraid.

  • A “Normandy food trip” will be organized in the UK in May to re-establish the link

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Depotok Normandy – England: “Normandy Food Trip”

© France 3 Normandy

A chef arranged the tour Regional Tourism Group Led by Michael Dots: “We have to revisit the British who represent a significant audience, so if the Govt situation allows, we’re going on a tour of the” Normandy Foot Tour “in May. We go to the most indexed places: Hastings, Canterbury, Colchester, Norwich, Windsorஇடத்தில் Where there is a sacred castle, a Norman Abbey! We are going to bring food trucks and cooks there and hold cooking workshops from noon to two in the evening and in the evening as a friendly gesture, perhaps making contact with schools and explaining that Brexit should not harm our relationship. Stay together. “

  • The conquest of England by William the Conqueror in 1066 is a date known to all English school students.

They will almost certainly forget the Anglo-Saxon monarchs who preceded William the Great Uprising … a major restructuring of the kingdom’s elites that marked the beginning of the modern English aristocracy.

Michael Dots, Regional Tourism Team Director: “It may have evolved, but when I was in school, everyone remembered only the date 1066. It’s almost like the story started from there. At least the English monarchy: William, Henry, Richard … it refers to us. There are (…): English language is greatly affected. More than 7500 French-Norman words are still in the language. For example, Parliament comes from Parliament. “

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Depotok Normandy – England: 1066

© France 3 Normandy

We see Norman buildings everywhere: hundreds of abbeys, parish churches and large monuments. We are still talking about the Tower of London and its cane stones. Westminster Abbey. EtonCollege. Windsor Castle.

Michael Dots, Regional Tourism Team Director

  • Kane University was built by the British during the Hundred Years War

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Depotok Normandy – England: University of Kane

© France 3 Normandy

Pierre Bauduin, Historian: “In the 15th century, it was occupied by Henry V’s troops and part of Normandy and northern France, and we see the English occupation from 1417 to 1450. The 3rd English University was formed after Oxford and Cambridge University of Cannes in 1432.

We first see the development of the faculties of canon law, and then shortly after civil law, we see the growth of the faculties of art and theology. Rouen was a very important city during this period. Dippe.

It was stopped by rebellions, especially in Cox’s in 1435-1436. Mont Saint Michel will resist throughout the season. Then the French Reconstruction in 1449-1450 brought an end to this English occupation. “

  • The bombings of Le Havre by the British in early September 1944 were “a war crime”

These are the words of Andrew Knapp, British historian and Emeritus Professor at the University of Reading: “Wildermouth, commander of the German garrison in Le Havre, ordered the Allies to delay the capture of the city as soon as possible to prevent the Allies from using the port. He was also ordered to destroy the port facilities. For reasons, namely to extend the siege of Le Havre and remove the city.Participate in its liberation. View of British Commander CrockerIf Wildermouth is truly a great philanthropist, he must surrender! More than a mistake … Nowadays, this bombing is seen as a war crime.

Philip Hood, author, former journalist and co-editor of Paris-Normandy:

“They destroyed the city center and the German defenses were rarely or never attacked. 9 German army killed. For 2 to 3000 civilian casualties. For those who know about Le Havre … you can see the ocean from the train station! This hatred of the British lasted a long time. ⁇

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Depotok Normandy – England: The Bombings of Le Havre

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