May 16, 2022


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Desproges: “All Englishmen are English”

In the 80s, the French comedian cut the jacket for the English with the title “Alien Chuck” on Charlie Hebdo, known for his black comedy and his sharp mania.

Schoolboy, thirsty for culture, misogynistic, pessimistic, good-natured, provocative … Famous comedian and talented writer Pierre Desproges did not easily put himself in a box. Throughout his life, humans will never rest on their laurels no matter who they are. Jews, young people, French, foreigners, right or left, pop singers, Nazi leaders … uses words like desproges, the weapon he knows to be deadly, and he never stops sharpening.

The English, this “angle”

When he attacked foreigners in the columns of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in the 80s, the British did not escape the sympathetic hatred of the persecutor. “I have deep respect for the contempt I have for men.”He said Troyer Bottoms. In Aliens are sucking His insult to man this time is served with a mint sauce.

Inevitably, the hated roast beef diet wins first: “The Englishman is called by his angular features. That is why the English are all Anglo-Saxons. At the same time, pork is a miniature like the French. Fair enough to distribute his notoriety, Pierre Desproges takes care not to distribute too many rooms in France to his northern neighbors, with culinary flavors (he says so).

British comedy bites the grass

“The two main characteristics of English are humor and grass”, He continues to be saved from flames by a thermolactyl damard, after a quick intervention to the Joan of Arc.

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For Desproges, “The Englishman cuts his lawn too short, which allows his humor to fly with daisies.” English humor (or angle?) Is still highly appreciated, with the author biting the grass as he loosens his Azerbaijani tongue: “Without humor, without the lawn, the Englishman fades and becomes as empty as the Shanberg concert. I especially think of his string quartets breaking our balls in terms of its serial method.”

Ball in the center

Before concluding, Pierre Desproges wants to reassure the English (or Angulés?): They are, despite all mistakes, God’s noble creatures: “We are all God’s creations. The lamb that goes into the stream is God’s creation. The hyena and the cunning fox are also creatures of God.

If this consolation frightens one, British revenge is tasted by turning a few pages when Desproges attacked the French. “The angry saffron got stuck because we said prout-prout-bitch on their TV. Change the channel, ugly, that’s the buttons. Pierre Desproges, an icy and impartial referee, managed the feat of resolving the eternal Franco-British fight through a draw: all tracks.