August 18, 2022


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Discover the 'Death Pool' at the bottom of the sea that kills everything instantly

Discover the ‘Death Pool’ at the bottom of the sea that kills everything instantly

If you’re not afraid of the ocean already, you’ll probably be after seeing this…

A “death pond” has been discovered at the bottom of the Red Sea, instantly killing everything that swims within it.

The pond was found by researchers from the University of Miami and has an area of ​​107,00 square feet.

It’s a long way down, having been discovered 1.1 miles below the surface of the inlet of the Indian Ocean located between Africa and Asia.

It’s been there for a very long time, too. Ponds are believed to have formed from pockets of minerals that were deposited up to 23 million years ago.

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Why is it so deadly? It does not contain oxygen. Instead, it is filled with brine and the salt solution is lethal to most things that enter it.

A deadly pool has been discovered at the bottom of the ocean that kills everyone who swims in

Researcher Sam Burkes said: Live Science: “Any animal that is trapped in the brine is instantly shocked or killed.”

He also said the pool is “among the most extreme environments on Earth”.

Some creatures use it as food, Purkis says: “It appears that fish, shrimp, and eels use saltwater for hunting.”

The pools are found more than a mile below the surfaceYouTube / Ocean X

Predators position themselves at the edge of the pond to “feed on unlucky creatures” that die after swimming in it.

Although it is not the first brine-filled pond that scientists have discovered in the Red Sea, it is the closest to land.

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It can be found only 1.25 miles off the coast of Egypt, while the closest swimming pool was previously more than 15 miles from land.

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