June 29, 2022


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Dormann sent the ball back to the Englishman, “AOC” in the front row, Farrell strong.

With just 12 days to go before the first general election, the campaign has officially begun, but the crowd has not wavered.

Maintaining order, a French specialty

Politics often comes in unexpected places. While France was quiet over the long weekend for the Ascension, the capital was packed with Englishmen arriving for the Champions League final on Saturday, May 28 at the State de France in Seine-Saint-Denis. Opportunity to discover a local highlight for the English during the trip: maintaining order at home. I.e., the proper use of traps and tear gas when a few persons have caused confusion in the crowd.

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Events in the State de France: The trend of this evening of chaos

Despite about 7,000 police officers, gentry and firefighters and a 200-meter front filter from the stadium, the big football bar quickly exited the lollipop and faced the arrival of supporters. Conclusion: The match started half an hour late, supporters who had bought tickets at a high price were trapped in a web at the entrance, and children were seen amidst tear gas. The pictures went all over the world And woke up The anger of our neighbors From across the channel.

‘Treating fans like animals in Europe’s biggest game of the year is unforgivable like they did’, British deputy Ian Byrne, who was at the scene, condemned the Sky News television channel. “Sad police, mourning maids, poor management around the stadium, closed stadium access gates”. In fact, British officials responded thus “Very disappointed with the way they were treated.” Their supporters.

When attacked, France launches a counter-attack

Great defense … you’re got it. The officers in charge wanted to make their own accusations themselves, instead of making their own accusations. Or how to use popular ones Pascua theorem “. “If you’re bored of one lawsuit, you’ll have to make a case for it, if necessary, until no one understands another lawsuit.”The former grandson of the RPR argued in Hauts-de-Seine.

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Why events in the State of France are becoming a political issue

In this case, if we look at the chain of command responsible for maintaining order – on the verge of triggering a diplomatic event – we find two persons: the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Durman, and the Prefect of the Paris Police, Didier Lament. The boss of Place Beauvais, recently updated by Emmanuel Macron, believes. Because the situation got out of hand “A large, industrial and organized counterfeit banknote fraud”. A mess according to him “Across the channel”, From “30,000 to 40,000 English supporters end up in the State of France without tickets or with fake tickets”, He reports. A way to send the ball back to the English.

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Interpretation of UEFA facts, but with a statement drawn up Saturday evening by Didier Lawlament. Information from politics. The Chief of Staff of the Paris Police reports to it “Significant shortcomings in the management of British supporters by the organizers”. On the contrary, according to him, “Public order and security system in the State de France and two fan zones” In Paris “As well as being useful on transportation and public roads” Since he allowed “Good flow of the game” And that ‘“No major accident or serious injury” To be regretted. To justify the pre-match setbacks, Didier Lalement is questioned “The RATP strike could explain the massive and delayed arrival of many British supporters”.

Women in the front line of defense

If the two men in this affair are at the top of the hierarchical pyramid, they are the many women we have seen talking on the microphone of various media since Sunday. Loubna Atta, spokeswoman for Paris Police Headquarters, or Camille Chaize, spokeswoman for the RMC’s Interior Ministry, on BFMTV on Sunday.

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Or our “AOC” FrenchmanAmali Odia-Castro was appointed RTL’s morning sports minister on Monday. He will always be there to do the ugly work.

One day, a sarco: up Paris, Macroni finished 16th, relying on a former young wolf from the right

Every day, until the Assembly election, “OBS” takes you to a key constituency. Today: Meeting with Macroni’s candidate Benjamin Hatad in the 14th district of Paris.

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In the chic 16th round of Paris, Macroni bets on Benjamin Hadot, a former young wolf on the right.

In the early morning “Terrace”, A brassiere like many in the western part of Paris. This Monday, about forty people from the Sixteenth Circle came to talk to him: business leaders, retirees, a physicist, some students, executives … him? It’s Benjamin Haddat, 36, a researcher in international relations, with a flexible smile that transcends his face and baldness, after all, very quickly. A graduate of Science Po and HEC, he was invested as a legislative candidate by the Macronist camp in this district of Paris in the thirties – the fourteenth – which covered most of the capital’s most sophisticated sixteenth century.

Liberal, pro-European, right: The LREM pushing him into the Fourteenth District of Paris today is a coincidence. “Sociologically, it’s sticking.”, The president mentions the strategist of the movement. This is the sixteenth arrondissement – Macron got shocking scores during the presidential election: 46.75% in the first round and 81.9% in the second round? It is nothing more than a parachute drop, the person concerned swears. “I was born here and grew up here between the ages of 92”. His campaign, the son of an author and an entrepreneur, wants to lead it on three main axes: entrepreneurial security, security and secularism and the problems of Europe. To win, however, he must win the battle against him with Francis Spisner, the lawyer and the sixteenth mayor.

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Fur or weak?

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PS’s boss surprise and questions. It is presented inconsistently and harmoniously by its internal opponents, accusing them of being particularly responsible “Destruction” Since he took the lead in the Socialist Party in 2018, Oliver Farrell has been determined to stand up against the elephants. By negotiating a new popular environmental and social union (Knobs) agreement with other left-wing parties, the man provided himself with renewed popularity and credibility. His speech to the PS National Council on May 5 was followed by thousands of people.

But he must now confront the new rebels, namely the Socialist President of the Occitanie region, Carol Delca, who is putting forward his disgruntled candidates in the Hot-Crohn, Dorn and Herald. So, was the first secretary of the PS strong or weak? Here is the given version In this world “ Jean-Christophe Campadellis, who did the same thing as him, wrote: “It simply came to our notice then. You can stay for weeks without moving at the foot of the backyard, just waiting to pull out an electronic cigarette. And within reach of prey … he waits without giving up his ambition. ⁇ Hence, the external option.