May 18, 2022


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“Downton Abbey”, the best series to learn English?

Of course, there are movies – Released in second theaters Most recently – but Downton Abbey After all, this British TV series was conceived by writer and screenwriter Julian Fellows. Six seasons for a total of 52 episodes aired from September 2010 to December 2015 UK Around the world soon.

Happily, visitors of all ages walked through the doors of the imposed Yorkshire home and met the masters and servants, while driver Tom Branson married one of the daughters of the house and passed to the second “level”. Also, if they found the series in the original version, the public would be struck by their unparalleled speech filtered by first-rate actors.

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“Above”, the classic site, who can resist for a few seconds the murderous bikes of Grantham Dowager Countess Lady Violet Crawley, camped by a quick viper named Maggie Smith? “Down”, in front of Butler Carson, who is camped out by a Jim Carter, shouldn’t we quickly drop him with the stern vocabulary of his impeccable dress as the leader of a mighty workforce?

Proper and familiar

This is precisely one of the strengths Downton Abbey : Underline the social character of the language in a pleasant way. “So this is a good look at the nuances between formal and familiar.Malcolm Massie, editor of the Babel Language Learning Site, mentions. We have a record that oscillates between “up” and “down”, which not only allows us to find culturally weighted English expressions, but also to learn about the concept of social class in discourse. ⁇

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Therefore, the linguists of Babylon, without particular hesitation from the source of Lady Violet’s best formulas, were perfectly majestic to interpret the British art of uttering the worst words. Among these little gems of evil in silk gloves: The flowers of the Cora have always been apt for a first unity in southern Italy ”, To know: “The flowers of the Cora have always seemed very appropriate for a first unity in southern Italy. ⁇

In a few words, the Dowager Countess affirms the superiority of the island in terms of elegance, prudence and good taste. It imposes not only on the “barbarians” of southern Europe (it goes without saying), but above all, on those who came from this rude America, like his daughter-in-law Cora. Oscar Wilde’s opinion is shared by the old nobles, who promise to have everything in common with the British and the Americans. Except for the language.

Successful Americans

Attacks of this bad faith uttered by impeccable British accents, musical discourse and head-bearing kings were not prevented. Downton Abbey Meet the support of the general public across the Atlantic. The finale of the series, which provided its largest audience for the PBS network of 9.9 million viewers, was the “compulsion” of the moment, much earlier than the American series. Mad men (4.6 million viewers only).

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After two seasons, Downton Abbey It has already received more Emmy nominations than any foreign fiction ever. The lust for victims of her chili responses may prompt Lady Violet to repeat one of her most succulent accents: “An aristocracy defending a reform is like a turkey defending Christmas. ⁇