Find free resources to use with Cambridge English to improve your English proficiency in class or at home. These tools are level B1-B2 (intermediate).

  • Written expression : Improve writing. The student creates a text in response to the instruction, and the tool gives him instant feedback by indicating the overall size in the CEFR. Grammatical errors And Vocabulary. Payment options for a Classroom use They are.
  • Oral comprehension : Almost anywhere. There will be audio episodes in 7 episodes, with functions to return to each episode New Glossary. For classroom use, there are lesson plans with additional activities to do in groups.
  • All Skills: Cambridge Activities Online. Exercise training and short online activities (5 to 10 minutes) Written understandingThe GrammarVocabulary, Oral comprehension And pronunciation. The student can choose the skill, level and duration they want.
  • All Skills: Select Lift Application (Level B1). Free application To receive daily level B1 exercises to work on writing and oral comprehension and expression in English. Available on Google Games And on App Store.
  • Learn English through Cambridge: Youtube Channel. Short videos of young English teachers presenting different points of English language grammar, vocabulary or usage. Grammar : All About English grammar Finally master the sample verbs and learn to use the past tense! Vocabulary : Various themes to help with your expansion English Vocabulary. Common manifestations : All the little tricks and ready-made phrases to speak like a native. Conversation in French : Improve your skills Speak in English With these little practical lessons.
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