June 28, 2022


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Education: Introduction to English language in primary school


President Debon presided over a meeting of the Committee of Ministers on Sunday, during which he ordered the adoption of the English language from the primary cycle.

After an in-depth study by experts and experts, “the head of state advised to adopt the English language from the primary cycle. ⁇

He reiterated his commitment to “reconsider the text of the law governing the teaching profession in order to carry out its duties in reforming the education system.”

President Debon has strictly banned the revision of curricula during the school year. “Based on the results of the teaching of education, he advised to work on initiating an amendment with well-defined objectives, while at the same time setting a timetable of at least two or three years to confirm this amendment.”

Instructions were also provided to immediately initiate a broad consultation among stakeholders in the field of education with the aim of achieving and adopting a holistic view of the School by Overload event. ⁇

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