May 20, 2022


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England and England are leading the game against Russia

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine the elected officials of the sport and the English have decided to stand firm against Russia. A special and very symbolic position.

It has been almost a week since Russia officially launched its military operation in Ukraine. Like President Vladimir Putin, many world leaders have defended Russia’s desire to expand, defending its position on the tooth and nail. Among them, Boris Johnson. After the military occupation of Ukraine, the British Prime Minister quickly announced sanctions against Russian citizens near Russia and the Kremlin.

As questioned regularly by British parliamentarians, the elected official warned that Roman Abramovich would face a setback from the start of the war in Eastern Europe. Tito to move the Champions League final from St. Petersburg to Saint-Denis.

It may be advantageous to leave the European Union, which allows for a more free and independent diplomatic reaction, so the British government is at the forefront of international opposition to Russia. Especially at a time when Joe Biden’s United States media seems to be less focused.

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The UK Minister has called on Russia to withdraw from the Paralympic Games

Despite the IOC’s recommendation to exclude Russian and Belarusian athletes from all international competitions, the Paralympic Games in Beijing will be held with Russian and Belarusian athletes. Authorized to compete under the neutral banner they will participate in the World Event from March 4 to 13, without any reference to their country.

Following the announcement by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), Nadine Doris, the British Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, said she was “very disappointed” by the decision.

“We are looking at the full range of options to oppose this decision. In consultation with the UK Sports and British Paralympic Association, the government member wrote in a message posted on social media. I will also meet with my international colleagues this week to discuss this topic and see what collective response we can provide.”

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England have demanded that Russia be excluded from the 2022 World Cup

Nadine Doris is insecure against Ukraine and is still campaigning for his exclusion from the Paralympic Games. The same determination of England has in recent days contributed to Russia’s exclusion from the 2022 World Cup by FIFA. In France, Noel Le Gret’s reaction did not unleash the crowd and, if it seemed a little late, the English Confederation fought to exclude Sportonia at the meeting in Qatar.

With the exception of Russia’s three potential opponents in the World Cup play – offs (Poland, Czech Republic and Sweden), some countries have clearly established themselves in favor of a firm embargo against Russia. The UK is one of them. Following FIFA’s first decision in the Russian case, the FA insisted that it be excluded from play – offs and all competitions organized by the international body and UEFA. Faced with growing criticism, FIFA has finally decided to put an end to Russia’s Qatar dream.

Many pro-Ukrainian news in the Premier League

In France, Ignatenko marked the Ligue 1 weekend with a pro-peace banner by players ahead of the match between PSG and Saint Etienne.

Across the channel, several Premier League clubs have more or less taken a stand in favor of Ukraine in the media. Ukrainian flags have been hoisted several times on English grounds.

>> The Premier League is to follow the RMC Sport

On the sidelines of the clash between Everton and Manchester City on Saturday evening, a particular line spread on the Internet: toffees and citizens entered the meadow carrying pro-Ukrainian messages. Two Ukrainian internationals Vitaly Mikolenko and Oleksandr Jinchenko hugged each other as a wonderful symbol of unity. Pep Cardiola’s supporter on the bench in Manchester cried tears.

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Abramovich and Usmanov were expelled for being too close to the Kremlin

Roman Abramovich, Chelsea’s owner since 2003, has seen himself in the eye of the storm in England since the start of the war in Ukraine. Closer to Vladimir Putin, the Russian oligarchy was forced to leave the London club.

The worst thing is that despite his participation in his love and peace talks on the blues, the 55-year-old billionaire could be pushed to sell Chelsea, according to several media outlets across the channel, even buying candidates. No offense to first-team coach Thomas Toussaint, and English journalists have no intention of separating the player from Roman Abramovich.

Everton also decided to sever ties with Russia. Dofis announced on Wednesday that the agreements with three Russian sponsors had been terminated, including the highly lucrative partnership with Uzbek businessman Alisher Usmanov, whose assets were frozen by the EU on Monday due to his close ties with the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin.

Place on the list of 26 pro-Russian personalities European unionAlisher Usmanov was considered by Russia to be one of Moscow’s key supporters at the time of “Ukraine’s annexation of Crimea and Ukraine ‘by continental organization.

A third entrepreneur, Vitaly Savlyev, saw his daily life turned upside down by the choices of the English game against Russia. This close friend of Vladimir Putin, the managing director of Aeroflot for more than a decade, has seen Manchester United suspend its contract and even all cooperation with the company since the start of the war in Ukraine.

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British Motorsport stands firm

Russian driver Nikita Masebin will not be allowed to compete in the Formula 1GB race on July 3 in Sylvester, England. A decision provoked by the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian military and verified by the boss of the British Motor Sport Federation this Wednesday.

Unlike other games and other races organized by the FIA, Nikita Masebin will not be allowed to compete under the neutral banner on her single-seat wheel from the Haas F1 team in Great Britain. However, Sky Sports notes that the situation could worsen by July 3, depending on the progress of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“Russian or Belarusian licensed teams are not allowed to take part in motorsport competitions in the UK,” the British Motorsport Federation said in a statement on Wednesday.

The UFC evening in London is suspended

After F1 or football, other games could soon be affected by the evolution of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Especially in war games like boxing or MMA.

The main event of the event, organized by the UFC in London on March 19, has been postponed due to the geopolitical crisis. It is not yet certain whether Russian opponent Alexander Volkov, an opponent of local Tom Aspinall, will be able to fight in the UK.

>> UFC’s best is exclusively on RMC Sport

The 33-year-old fighter jet is still in Russia within twenty days of the first post-UFC UFC evening in Europe. With three Russian and two Ukrainian players scheduled for this UFC London event, the whole event seems to have been compromised. England and England against Russia give even more weight to the position of the game.