May 21, 2022


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England fan spends 3600 euros to watch Ronaldo play …

Some are born under the lucky star, others are not …

Chris Broom, a 43-year-old English supporter, wants to do good for his son. But nothing happened as planned. It has been going on for 2 years Dad The Englishman is trying to somehow achieve the dream of his 12-year-old son Jack, who is a complete fan of Cristiano Ronaldo. Well, Chris promised to take his son to see the CR7 ground. He tried: three times. But Ronaldo did not come every time.

First attempt in Italy: Both fans think they will return from their trip with surprise … Ronaldo is let his coach rest. When Ronaldo signed for Manchester United it was not enough to make both of them try their luck again. To the Mankunian derby, the father and son took their place. Problem: Cristiano loses him due to injury. Last attempt to date: Winning points in the match against Leicester, Ronaldo was on the bench at the time.

Interviewed by Sun.Chris (who has already spent over 00 3600) has not lost hope: “It costs me an arm and a leg, but I promised to take Jack to see Ronaldo play. I will do it anyway!” ⁇ .

Besides a letter, he may have won the Tour de France.

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