May 27, 2022


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England’s plan after Jones

The English Rugby Federation must appoint a new coach before the 2023 World Cup. The lucky winner can work with Eddie Jones during the tournament.

The English Rugby Federation (RFU) is planning its future a week after the XV de la Rose fell in France (25-13) and the curtain fell on third-placed six nations in the final. Eddie Jones has been in charge of selection since 2015, unless the situation changes at the end of his contract, until the 2023 World Cup on French soil. However, the federation wants to appoint someone after him before this deadline.

RFU Performance Director Connor Oshia praises the French model who left Jack Brunel in charge until the 2019 World Cup and formalized the arrival of Fabian Calti.. The two were able to cross the line after several months of collaboration. This change, which led to the re-emergence of the French XV, gave O’Shea ideas.

For example the XV of France

The reason is as follows: We need to recruit new trainees and appoint a person to allow them to go to work. Eddie Jones is fully aware and knows what we want to do. Some will say it will disrupt the preparation for the World Cup because people will look over their shoulder. Fabien Galthié was nominated ahead of the 2019 World Cup, which is the right thing to do because we have to prepare for the 2024 6 Nations tournamentHe explains in the comments sent DefenderWith a clear idea of ​​the future conductor of XV de la Rose. We have many excellent English coaches in excellent condition. I want them to be in English (Next coach and his staff, teacher’s note) I believe they should be. Current Leicester Tigers manager Steve Bordwick leads a key lead.

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