August 9, 2022


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English clubs face shortage of new shirts / England /


Much more serious than the result of the “W” in Barcelona.

In England, most professional clubs could not sell shirts to supporters. According to a survey BBC, these supply problems would be due to sanitary restrictions in Asian factories, disrupting the rhythms of textile production. Conclusion: As the season gets underway again, less than half of the teams across the channel have their new home and away shirts on sale.

In fact, only 44 of the 92 pro clubs in the Kingdom currently have two 2022-2023 kits, while some Premier League teams, such as Crystal Palace or Leeds, are completely out of stock. Residents of T4, County Stockport, will have to wait for the next delivery of its home jersey, scheduled for November 30, as Puma has misplaced part of the consignment due to be delivered, according to an official press release.

Well, after that, when it took almost six months for the two star jerseys, the French didn’t take it too seriously.

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