May 16, 2022


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English finds his feelings –

Anael Anglois, who has not recovered from injuries this season, will find his former teammates tomorrow.

Originally from Corrèze, Anaëlle was born in Tulle in 1999 and soon got into football. From the age of five, he took a license in the small village of Maymak. At the age of ten, he went to Agen and continued to play football. Like all young women her age, she evolved with boys and only knew female practice at the age of 16 in Murat. Bangs with five terms in D2F.

He joined the Montpellier HSC club and was a member of the U19 national team for a short time. For four years, at one of the most high-profile clubs in women’s football, she captured the highest level of contact with the best. A central defender by training, he is sometimes moved to the side, but at the center this marginos fan feels very comfortable: admits: “As a midfielder with training, I love her Krinda, I try not to give up on the pitch. For me, today’s best to follow in this position For example. “

Injuries are behind

During these four years, he also discovered the difficulty of the sports world with a serious injury that kept him off the field for several months (rupture of the cruciate ligaments). A long well-being will mark her and she will finally get used to it because she will get her future job out of it. He is now a sports educator and works at the Auzerals Rehabilitation Center in Kylac.

At the end of the youth divisions, Anael joined the Montauban Club and returned to the D2 Feminine. During his second season, he became the undisputed starter and played in the first six league games before being cut off by Covit 19 due to season interruption. At the end of last season, he joined ‘AMTF’. Do not regret: “At the end of the season, I had a disagreement with the coach and got a plan from AMTF. At that time it was the best choice for me. Tendonitis, and I still have it, then in November when a ligament ruptured in my hip. He kept me out of the field for two months. “

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Nevertheless, she feels better today, playing in the entire match against Nimes and scoring a goal. A good thing before finding his ex-partners.

Revenge Derby

After the win against Nimes, the AMTF players follow Derby in Dorn-et-Coron against Montapane. This derby, which has always been hotly contested, will be an opportunity to wash away the humiliation of being sacked from the Coupe de France last December. This is an important meeting for the Albigensians-Marzacois: “We must continue to earn points to seek refuge from the play-offs.”