May 20, 2022


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English in business, between need and passion

Do you know the industry “Growth Hacker” (I.e. “growth bandit”)? This job title, which often occurs in the digital world, is often ridiculed because no one knows what it includes: CVDesignR site CEO Valentin Pouillart, “A young man who does this job would say he’s like the knife of the Swiss army of box development. But in Anglo-Saxon countries, the Development hacking Is a business development activity. Exporting English work titles to France will change their meaning, especially since not everyone knows what they mean.

English occupies an important place in French society and business, and Francophonie Week, held from 12 to 20 March, will undoubtedly have the opportunity to remind us of this. According to one, his mastery is an asset to getting a job today Study Released on the Monster work site in December 2021, 13% of jobs available in France require serious knowledge of English, and this figure has risen to 31% in the field of information and new technology.

There is a tendency to Englishize the names of businesses, mainly for the executive, digital, marketing and management sectors. According to Julian Brew, co-founder of recruitment company Easy Partner, the job title has become a norm in English. “From the Product Manager Product Owner In simple words “Manager”, Because the company that holds the French words is not even visible in the job market. ⁇

“Between 2020 and 2022, the share of job titles in English has doubled from 0.8% to 1.6% of our offers”Flavian Chantrel, Editorial Director at HelloWork, publishes several employment sites. “Under the impact of the rise of the technology industry, we see a lot more passingAlexandre recognizes Jude, who is actually an economist in the workplace’s recruitment lab. The main purpose is to make employment more attractive, to show that we belong to a dynamic ecosystem.And. But it must be recognized that a certain number of indicators and ideas are difficult to translate into French. ⁇ Companies that are open to international markets are eager to standardize their operations in multiple countries with the same documentation, the same IT tools, and the same job description.

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Mandatory translation

But in the world of start-ups, the use of English is often part of a culture where its use is synonymous with innovation. “The most commonly used keywords Chief OfficerNothing ends “Manager” (“Community Manager”, For example), anything related to the business, with such terms “Growth”, Account, “Owner”, “Dirty”, Important“It’s very connected to the world of start-ups and it’s the business side.”Flavian encrypts Chandrell. “Some young structures are incorrectly injecting English, immersing themselves in this course, but it is not necessary”Julien Broue laments.

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