August 13, 2022


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English: Passing Certificate is still offered in most universities

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Compulsory Certificate in English Set for 2021-2022 for all License 3 and Associate License students. But the Decree of the State Council, issued on June 7, changes everything… Can you summarize the situation for us?

In February 2018, then Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said he wanted to “accelerate the transformation” of English learning in secondary and higher education, and announced that the government would fund a “Cambridge-type” test for every university student. Especially making them more competitive in the globalized market for higher education and employment. The passage of a language certificate at the university was already possible, this service was usually provided by the language centers, but the cost of the test was borne by the students.

Two years later, on April 3, 2020, the Ministry of Higher Education issued a decree making it mandatory to pass an English certificate to obtain diplomas in Licentiate, Pro-Licensure, DUT and BTS. Certifier, Language Certificate. Universities have criticized this forced choice of English vs multilingual. Cambridge For example, or because the test’s infamy is apparently no longer a criterion CLES, a certificate designed by universities.

In September 2020, 15 unions of university teachers and students filed an appeal with the State Council, which led the ministry to cancel the contract with LanguageCert in May 2021 and offer the certification exam to universities. Mandatory character. Therefore, around thirty universities have opted for their certification either after calling for tenders or not. So we started working with a dozen of them for many tens of thousands of students (Some evidence)

But on June 3, 2022, Decision of the Council of State It came to stop all this by canceling the order and decree of April 3, 2020, based on the fact that attaching a certificate designed by an unaccredited institution to obtaining a national diploma is contrary to code education.

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On June 8, 2022, the Ministry announced in an interview to the media Message box It “takes note of the State Council’s decision” but “given the importance of languages, MESR will continue to support funding for English language certification”. So it should be possible for students who want to send a status certificate for free.

Some diplomas in France, such as engineering diplomas, require a minimum level B2 English certificate. Many business schools also incorporate a passage of English certification into their curriculum. The government’s plan therefore makes it possible to restore equality between university students and Grandes Ecoles.

Some universities are still in favor of passing this certification, which will now be done on a voluntary basis. What does Cambridge offer to prepare for this certificate?

In fact, although the certificate is no longer mandatory, a passage of the language certificate is still offered at most universities, usually through the Language Center. Our exchanges with the universities we work with share the observation that a language certificate can help students, even though some universities lament the way the program is structured (short deadlines, early certification, English mandatory). Improve their CV, for example, access exchange programs abroad. So these universities want to continue to offer Literacy to their students.

Unlike an exam, an English test like Linguaskill requires no preparation. This allows photographing the size of the pupil at a time m. However, it is useful and important for students to know the format and type of exercises before taking the exam, for which we provide free access resources: practice tests, written or video practice advice. , product newsletters etc. (our resources).

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Some publishers have also published product manuals, including Cambridge: The official quick guide to LinguaskillAnd for teachers preparing students: Authority (for Linguaskill General), and Business criteria (Linguaskill for business). Nathan, Ellipses, Studyrama, PrepMyFuture etc also have manuals.

How to pass a certificate in linguistics at university?

Universities decide the date and methods. If the university does not or no longer issues the certificate, it can always be taken with a Linguaskill agent, and even with remote monitoring (learn more: Literacy is everywhere)

What are Cambridge’s resources and offerings for those who want to continue and improve their English after graduation?

Rather than Linguaskill, prepare a Cambridge Diploma like C1 Advanced, which is highly recognized internationally and can keep you as a baccalaureate for the rest of your life. It can be prepared independently with Cambridge textbooks or a language school (learn more: C1 produces advanced) we also started Test & Train, an interactive online training medium. We always recommend the best seller English Grammar in Use To understand English grammar.

To return to Linguaskill, the certificate can be produced within its framework as it is registered in a specific directory of French skills. Personal Training Account (CPF).