June 26, 2022


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English singer Hugh Goldmann presides over the Jazz Dance Le Pokage Festival in Trongkat (Allier)

English singer Hugh Coltman is one of the leaders in the 21st Jazz dans le bocage Festival, which takes place in five of the twenty – six municipalities of the Bocage Bourbonnais community from Friday, May 20 to Saturday, May 28.
Most French singers and composers who have settled in the Paris area since the 2000s should not feel that there is no place for the French.


“It simply came to our notice then. I come from a small village of 800 people near Bristol and Bath. He recalled that I founded it with my first group, friends from my village.

With minor bleeding, people are less likely to know how to “flash” well.

Hugh Goldman (English singer, Persian by adoption, President of Jazz Dance Le Pokage Festival)

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On Friday, May 27, Trongat said, “Who is happy? “, It was supposed to end in September 2021, but it was disrupted by Govt. “Who’s Happy ?? is the title of his fourth album released in 2018.

In New Orleans

Hugh Goldman flew to New Orleans to record new songs with a local brass band, transforming an artistic guitarist (Freddie Goella) into a studio at a former Protestant church (Third Presbyterian Church). Why New Orleans? The answer is simple:
“I loved the old sounds, and I said to myself: ‘Why not give it a try? New Orleans is the cradle of everything. This is the crutch. This is where Fates Domino started rock and roll. All three blues rings are the basis of punk music.

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The beautiful voice of Hugh Goldman (Best Voice of the Year at Victor’s to Jazz 2017) damaged by some cracks earned him the nickname A Grooner. But this is a label he denies: “It’s a name from a time when singers like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin used microphones to make sounds. I didn’t feel like a coroner, but they stuck it on me.
He emphasizes: “The key is not the brand, but the musicality. For many who do not listen to jazz much, this is a piano-double bass-drum trio, a swinging one. But for me, it’s a beginner, it leads people to take risks.

Tribute to Dr. John

His next disc, “Night Strip ‘” – a tribute to the famous New Orleans pianist Dr. John, will be released on Sony in late August – early September – and will not be a Kroner’s disc. The first solo was announced on May 6, a few days before Jazz Dance Le Pokmon.

5,326 entries for the Jazz dans le bocage festival

Pascal Larcher

Performance at the 21st Jazz Dance Le Pokage Festival
Friday, May 20th. Tronget, 8:15 pm, Salle des Riats, The Very Big Experimental Toubifri Orchestra.
Prices: 20, 15, 10, free for members.
Saturday 21st May. Diving, 8:15 pm, Village Hall: Paul Jared “Emma” and Lesto Trom.
Prices: 20, 17, 10.
Sunday, May 22nd. Bourbon-l’Archambault, old school fun family.
Prices: 10, 7, 5.
Monday 23 May. In Krasang, at 8:30 pm, in front of the church, Anisa Altmeyer.
Prices: 10, 7, 5.
Tuesday, May 24. Buxières-les-Mines, from 6.30pm, Village Hall, Heavy Fingers and Canoe.
Prices: 15, 10, 5.
Wednesday, May 25. Tronget, 8:15 pm, Riats Room: Isfar Sarabski and Andreas Schaerer.
Prices: 29, 24, 10.
Thursday, May 26. Trunket, Riots Room, 5:45 p.m., Moop; 8:15 pm, Khalil Sahine; 10:15 pm, Theo Sekoldi.
Prices: 29, 24, 10.
Friday 27 May. Trunket, Riots Room, 5:45 pm, host; 8:15 pm, Stracho Temelkovsky; 10:15 pm, Hugh Goldman. Prices: 29, 24, 10.
Saturday, May 28th. Transcut. Sale des Riats, 5:45 pm, Cogolite; 8:15 pm, Macha Caribbean; 10:15 pm, Guillaume Perret. Prices: 29, 24, 10.

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Bookings. at www.jazzdanslebocage.com (online payment); (Monday to Friday), by mail: Jazz dans le bocage, Town hall, 03240 Rocles.