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English: Where to start to improve your position?

Start English to improve your position

English is a universal language used in almost all professional fields. Its proficiency during recruitment is largely a selection criterion.

Having a good foundation in this language is essential to placing all opportunities on your side. If you have not had the opportunity to graduate from school, you have not lost anything.

There are many solutions to improve your position in English.

Take personal English lessons

Many people are increasingly aware of the importance of the English language in today’s society. For this, there are many ways for everyone to learn and understand themselves.

All of these tips will be very helpful, but they will be more for someone who already has some ideas in academic study. So, the first tip to consider is to take courses in English to learn the basics and improve your position.

For this, there are many opportunities for the learner. In fact, the person working or the student taking the course at the university does not always have time to go face-to-face group lessons.

In this case it will be Individual English lessons required That he can follow online. For this purpose, there are many companies in France that offer such training. Learners (adults and children) can then Take online courses with certified and competent teachers They will give you the ideas you need to understand the language better.

The benefit of taking individual lessons in English is above all else based on the fact that the learner will benefit from personalized follow-up. Depending on their needs and ability to understand, the teacher will give them advice and guide them step by step. It will help his exercises and correct him automatically. In the context of training, whether he is a 4th grader or a university student, he too will benefit. Follow-up for his various choices In English.

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Take personal English lessons
Take personal English lessons

Read texts in English

A false tip to improve your position in English is to read any kind of text as long as it is written in English. This technique completes individual lessons as an application tutorial. Reading texts in English on all supports (physical or computer) is a question:

  • Newspapers on Anglo-Saxon News,
  • Websites of English companies,
  • Blogs of American or British stars,
  • Emails received in English,
  • Food packaging,
  • Social media content,
  • Books in English.

This trick is very advantageous because it allows new learners to discover new words to improve their vocabulary. By studying as much as possible, they will not limit themselves to the school vocabulary. Will learn Technical terms from multiple fields Different Be useful to them. However, it should be noted that the only condition for using this technique is to have a solid foundation.

Take notes of chNo new word English

One of the most practical tips given by teachers during class is to always write down new words learned while studying or in school. This technique will be very useful for learners during their study.

In fact, one of the most common mistakes of the latter is to overdo the ability to memorize new words. However, remembering a word for the first time is not always easy. For this, it is important to have a support to notice it.

Can be used for this purpose, A reference application on a computer or mobile phone. If the learner prefers paper media, he can choose Notepad. So, he can use it for his corrections and integrate all the new words he encounters during his lesson.

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To make the best use of this trick, the learner must fill in the words in their context. I mean, he should Notice the expressions and the phrases they use. This will make it easier for him to understand during corrections and save him a lot of time.

Chat with native speakers

If you do not speak a language to anyone, why practice it? Of course, limiting oneself to writing it is not a question. It is true that writing or reading English is a very easy thing for someone who has some ideas. However, talking to others Very strenuous exercise. So it is not uncommon for some French people to say that they understand English, but that they have difficulty expressing themselves in the language.

The solution to this problem is to have conversations with native speakers to better handle English words and pronunciation. So it is good to fit in the English essential context. The learner should then go to places where he or she can communicate with native speakers who do not speak French. Thus, to augment his exchanges, he may enroll in English courses, Attend or travel to meetings for English speakers Need to practice the language better. This last option is more expensive, but can be very effective in improving your English.

Chat with native speakers
Chat with native speakers

Watch movies and series in English

To improve your position in English, the following pictures and series in their original version are very interesting tip. This allows you to have fun while learning a new language. In fact, in the original versions of movies in English, there is no choice but to listen to what the audience has to say and try to understand it in a particular context. This tutorial will allow him to:

  • OfLearn new words,
  • Conversation can be followed in English, even if it is fast,
  • Know which expression to use in certain situations,
  • Face multiple accents to better listen and decode conversations with different speakers.
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The benefits of this technique are numerous, but in order to take advantage of it, it is necessary to proceed in stages. So, for a startup, this is a must In support of films with French subtitles To know the meaning of each word spoken. With the intermediate command of the language, he may switch to English verses and then remove them over time to address the voice.

In this case, too, it is important to remember to take notes, to do research on misunderstood words. Listening to music in English is also an option.. Reviewing YouTube channels, English podcasts and irregular verbs can be helpful for learners.

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