August 12, 2022


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European champions demand for future English government

Won the final against Germany and won the title of European Champion A few days ago, the England team used this title and this infamy to send a strong message to the candidates for the kingdom. In fact, the British published a letter this Tuesday for Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, the two candidates to succeed Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of England. Especially the players have demanded that women’s football should be improved in the country.

Dear Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss,

On Sunday evening, history was made. 23 girls’ dreams come true. England became European champions for the first time in their history.

Throughout the Euros, we spoke as a team about our heritage and our goal of inspiring a nation.

Many would think that we have already achieved this, but for us this is just the beginning. We look to the future. We want to create real change in this country and if you become Prime Minister on September 5th, we ask you to help us achieve this change.

This change.

We want every young girl in the country to play football at school.

Currently, only 63% of girls can play soccer in PE class. In fact, we encourage young girls to play football, but many of them go to school unable to play.

This is the situation we all grow into. We were often blocked from playing. So we formed our own teams, we traveled around the country, and despite the obstacles, we continued to play football.

Women’s football has come a long way. But he still has a long way to go.

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We urge you and your government to ensure that all girls receive at least two hours of physical education per week. Not only must we bring soccer to all girls, but we must also invest in and support female PE teachers. Their role is important and we need to provide them with the necessary resources to organize football sessions for girls. They are important role models that many young women can grow up with.

We’ve made incredible progress in girls’ football, but this generation of schoolgirls deserves more. They deserve it

This is an opportunity to make a huge difference. A change that will impact the lives of millions of young women. We – the 23 members of England’s senior women’s Euro squad – are calling for investment in girls’ football in schools to be prioritized so that every girl has the chance to play football.

In schools, every girl can choose.


England’s UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 squad