May 18, 2022


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Expelled Giants coach Antoine Richardson explains that it started with comments from Mike Scheldt, “rotting undertones of racism”

So, it turns out that there was really a part of last night good This is really bad story.

You may have seen, Giants assistant coach Alyssa Nakken Became the first woman to train on the court in an MLB game When she took charge at first base, fired coach Antoine Richardson. I don’t want to overlook this as a really important and positive story, although there is more context worth discussing now:

But why was Richardson fired anyway? What exactly happened that led to the first Core Boss being kicked out of the lair? This is somewhat unusual.

Well, here’s Richardson explaining what happened between him and Padres’ third coach (and former St. Louis Cardinals manager) Mike Scheldt. It seems, according to Richardson, that Scheldt took things to an unnecessary level and the undertones there were ugly:

If that’s what Scheldt said, it would appear to me in a very similar way. Maybe he thought he didn’t Means This way, but it looks very bad. It’s not just the way to talk to anyone, let alone the way to have those undertones.

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It is unlikely that this will go away, as Schilt will have to answer what Richardson says happened, and Richardson will almost certainly have support from his manager on the matter:

More to come, likely from Scheldt, Padres, and possibly Major League Baseball.