June 26, 2022


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Fan Zones, Liquor Sales and Safety: 60,000 Britons Expected in Paris for Champions League Final

Notice, the English are going down! A red wave will blow over Paris and Saint-Denis this weekend. Many of the Reds’ supporters are expected to be strong for the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid in the State of France this Saturday at 9pm. Since the decision was made at the state’s highest summit on February 25th Propose the closure of Saint-Denis as the venue for this final, a place to retreat., Canceled in St. Petersburg due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, meetings are growing to organize this world event as much as possible. Safety perimeter, fan zones, liquor sales … there are many lessons to manage in this highly risky assorted final.

Elections and government reshuffle, and consequent transfers of ministries and administrations, may have contributed to a slight reduction in the decision-making process. But five days before the final, almost everything was set now. To verify this setting, a meeting is scheduled in the province of Seine-Saint-Denis in Bobigny between all the actors in the file, all the actors in UEFA, FFF, state, government, provinces, cities … Here are the highlights.

Course de Vincennes fan base in Paris for Liverpool

This is the main problem to manage. According to coherent sources, 60,000 or 70,000 English fans are expected to attend the final in France this weekend. It is understood that only 22,000 tickets are planned for Liverpool, Two-thirds of these supporters are out of contention. Several areas are planned to accommodate them in the best security environment, to dine, drink beer and watch the competition, all of which control harassment and damage. Eventually the course de Vincennes in Paris was chosen, which, according to our information, confirms it “Team”. Large security perimeter wall and giant screens will be installed there.

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Second fan zone in Saint-Denis

Spanish supporters (at 22,000 stadiums) should be fewer in number than Englishmen outside, and officials should be less concerned. They will be welcomed in a fan zone set up at the Legion of Honor Park in Saint-Denis, near the State de France. Tickets for the match must be booked between 12 noon and 5 pm, after which city dwellers will be allowed to watch the match on a large screen.

Extended perimeter around the State de France

Much of Saint-Denis will be closed this Saturday. The security perimeter around the State de France will be expanded to compare to a classic event such as the Indochina concert this weekend or to a more important event such as the final Coupe de France Nantes-Nice final on May 7. Searches and bad-downs sometimes begin as early as 1 km from the stadium entrance.

Liquor sales allowed until 6 p.m.

The test failed during the final of the Coupe de France and will not be updated. Liquor sales are banned in bars in front of the State de France on Jules-Rimet Avenue in Saint-Denis. This prepper decision, aimed at reducing harassment, on the contrary, contributed to the relocation of supporters in need of alcohol to safer places. What formed Fights and damage in more areas from the stadium around the Carre de Leon in Paris Or in Plaine Saint-Denis. For the Champions League final, bars will be opened around the stadium this time. Liquor sales will be approved there, but not until 6pm, 3 hours before the kick-off.

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