May 18, 2022


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Figo and these Englishmen “dream of us falling”

The three-quarter center of Racing 92 is the most experienced player on the France team with 70 choices. What does he expect against XV de la Rose on Saturday evening?

Gale Ficco? He was for a long time the blessed child of our little world, the heir apparent to the greatest French invaders, a space swallower, a pure endeavor. For two years, for the benefit of a global project, he pushed his person to the top of the pyramid: he pierces less, but slaps more, shines less, but passes more, and works in groups. Long, only his inner hook is his trademark. Its coach, Shawn Edwards, has been the patron saint of tricolor defense since he became its architect, so Racingman thrived on a character that was not his. Inevitably, inevitably, he will join French side Kalti on Saturday evening for his eighth consecutive term. He explains in the preface: “It simply came to our notice then. So we expect severe and fighting shock. We all remember the last two times we met (during the last 6 nations after the Autumn Nations Cup, N.DL.R.) these enemies defeated us. An injured animal like the one in England today is always very dangerous. But they are not going to be the best team of the year in a week. Let the best man succeed … “

Fickou: “The pressure of competition is always there”

Gaël Fickou, who now has more than 70 selections on the national team, is still one of the most experienced players in the young France squad compared to other major nations in world rugby. So does he plan to hold any talks to reassure his teammates? “No need to talk, he continued on Wednesday afternoon. If you’re not motivated before such a match, it’s unworthy to go. The match will always be stressful. Our team is used to playing big matches at the club level or internationally. We will be ready to respond to those who make promises.. In this regard, we swear that the boys of Ross’s coach, Eddie Jones, are planning to provoke this young team in France a bit and make him lose his nerves: “They have some guys who like the internet, Gail Figo told us one day about this. But at home, there are some who know how to answer them. […] When we defeated them in 2020, we were happily screaming at their target after every attempt and the British hated us. They should have thought we were showing too much. ⁇

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