August 9, 2022


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Five new ideas to improve your English this summer

Morning list

This summer, you have more brain time to improve your English and less time for excuses. The task is by no means insurmountable! According to linguist Henriette Walter, Shakespeare’s language due to the Norman Conquest of XIe century, two-thirds of which are composed of words of French origin… we already feel assured. To guide you, we’ve selected five sites or apps designed to painlessly reinforce your language practice.

1 – Cake, like in the movies

Don’t stop at the name: This app lets you listen to conversations and watch short videos (often taken from series or movies), then record yourself into your phone’s microphone and repeat the quotes with the correct pronunciation. Scenes from Forrest Comp at game of thrones passes through Harry Potter And star wars, Cake is fun. The interface is relaxed And funny, it gives you the opportunity to pause the videos to take time to focus on the words and their translations. After each sequence, a quiz is proposed to consolidate ideas by mobilizing auditory memory and visual memory.

Some options of the application are paid, but the field of free features is wide. Cake uses a “hearts” system – you start with five – which you can spend watching a video lesson. If you run out of all hearts, you can wait about 30 seconds or an hour and watch an ad to get new ones.

Fourteen days free then €13.99/month; €74.99/year.

2 – Learning English from BBC just like at school

The BBC has a ‘Learning English’ section on its website. Operating under the name “English by Radio” since 1943, the service now lets you learn Keats online through podcasts, quizzes and video clips. The site is entirely in English, but at a very accessible level. BBC offers lessons for all levels, including juniors.

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Each video is given a title. At the end of the viewing, the BBC invites us to complete an MCQ to check our level of knowledge. Some capsules face newsSometimes the French, like what was done at the end The second round of the 2022 presidential election. In form, we can only appreciate the care English speakers take in taking the time to correctly pronounce and segment important words and expressions. Playful, educational and topical, we advise you!

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