May 18, 2022


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Food trucks crossed the canal to win back English tourists



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M. Poisson, M. September, L. Chowdhury – France 2

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French food sets out to conquer England. For four days, the Normandy area is organizing a tour across the channel, enhancing the region and its gastronomy, but also bringing back tourists.

The Normandy region wants to win the hearts of the British again. She posed, Tuesday, May 3, His Food trucks At the foot of Windsor Castle (UK). An opportunity for those who walk the paths of the 100% Norman market. Here, for a week, the jewels of gastronomy act as ambassadors.

Every morning for four days, the Norman delegation settles in a new city and opens its treasure chest. “We have the Pont-L’Evêque d’Isigny AOP, designed by Cambert with a latte, fresh cheese, even mymolite”, Lists the member of the delegation. The public is mesmerized by the taste of friendship. For Ben Collier, who was in charge of Franco-British relations in Normandy, the move was important and should allow English tourists to return to Normandy. Succeeding, many viewers have promised to cross the channel.

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