May 18, 2022


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Former England international challenges challenger Klopp’s hero about his future!

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On Sunday, Liverpool and Chelsea gave us a dream finale at Wembley! If the score is 0-0, multiple chances and multiple unaccounted goals are recorded. Finally, the final match ended in a terrible penalty shootout, in which the Reds won 11-10. During this meeting, a particular Guamin Kelleher exploded on the screen when he surgically changed his penalty during a particular session.

James Kellaher invites you to leave Liverpool!

And David James is well aware of this. The former England international has urged the Irish goalkeeper, who received the Mercy Club for Aston Villa in 1999, to wonder about his future in order to gain time to play following the match against Brad Fried: “It’s an interesting dynamic, something I’ve noticed a lot about the rotation of teams over the last two years. Keller, he has proven himself to be a goalkeeper. Also, when Alison signs a new five-year deal, he says, ‘Do you imagine being Liverpool’s next number one or is this a step?’ Ask yourself the question. Get rid of playing every weekHe began Sky Sports.

Then he continued: “But the time will come when Liverpool or Kellogg will have to make a decision, ‘Am I going to be No. 1 somewhere else or am I going to continue in this big club of winning trophies as a result of my role in cutting games? I, I left. I could not help it, I always wanted to play. Leaving Liverpool is a big decision, especially for someone like Kellyher“He finished. It remains to be seen whether the 23-year-old goalkeeper will follow the advice of his famous predecessor.

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Former England captain David James has challenged the hero of the League Cup final between Liverpool and Chelsea on Sunday evening. In fact, he invited Caoimhín Kelleher to leave Liverpool to get time to play elsewhere.