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General Baccalaureate 2024 LLCER English Contemporary World Specialty Exam Lessons and Answers Available!

General Baccalaureate 2024 LLCER English Contemporary World Specialty Exam Lessons and Answers Available!

Find Syllabus of LLCER English AMC Special Exam of General Baccalaureate 2024

Here is an extract from the LLCER English Contemporary World Specialization Course

Candidate chooses to tackle either Subject 1 or Subject 2. Each lesson includes a compilation and a translation or transposition.

Subject 1

On the theme “Building Community”.
Part 1 (16 Marks)
Read the proposed file containing documents A, B and C
Non-hierarchical and treat the following subject in English (approximately 500 words):
State what the documents show about the language, taking into account their specifics
Problems in Canada. Pay particular attention to both political decisions and strategies
past and present, and the perception of these issues by Canadians.

Part 2 (4 Marks)
Translate the following passage from Document C (l. 7-13) into French:
As a result, while the number of French speakers in Canada is rising, so is their weight
Declining slowly compared to the total population. We have now reached
A symbolically important point is that there are more allophones of 1 (individuals with a mother).
The language is neither English nor French any more than there are French-mother-tongues in Canada
Individuals. It is no mistake that these statistics are gathered by opponents of the authorities
It is often argued that languages, including French, should not receive special treatment
Country […].
Find the full article below:

Find LLCER English AMC Specialty Exam Answer Key for General Baccalaureate 2024

Subject 1

Theme: Building Community

Potential problem: How is Canada dealing with its language problems?


I-languages, as evidence of the past

1/Canada’s Identity as a Bilingual Country (Doc A)

2/More English than French (Doc B)

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3/Indigenous Languages ​​(Doc C)

4/Enrollment History/Accommodation (Doc C)

II- A strategy for revitalizing languages

1/Actions Taken: Collaboration with Partners, Promotion / Communication / Language Act (Doc B)

2/Special Treatment of French Languages ​​and Allophones (Doc C)

3/ A National Strategy (Doc B) (…) See the full edit below.

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General Bac 2024: How is the LLCER English AMC Special Exam for General Bac 2024 conducted?

LLCER English AMC Special Exam is of 4 hours duration and its coefficient is 16.

LLCER English AMC Special Written Exam

The written test will be held on June 20, 2024 from 2 PM to 5:30 PM and will consist of summary of papers marked 16 marks and 4 marks. First, you have to choose your subject from the two proposed ones before reading the entire file to tackle the given subject. Then, you need to translate or change the lesson passage in English into French. The objective is to assess the knowledge gained LLCER English Specialization Program AMC From the first node to the terminal.

LLCER English AMC Special Oral Test

Finally, the oral exam will last 20-30 minutes, during which you will submit your personal file prepared in advance to your terminal English teacher.Check Results of BAC 2024!

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