August 13, 2022


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Google Cloud and Oracle’s English servers were stranded due to the heat wave

Engines also struggle with heat. Google Cloud and Oracle’s servers faced several problems on July 19 amid the heat wave. Both companies mention “Abnormal temperature“Responsible for overheating of machinery.

On that day Google Cloud Servers status pageWe can read thus:A cooling-related failure occurred in one of our buildings, which has a fraction of the capacity of the Europe zone.“Same observation On the Oracle status pageWho reported:Due to abnormal temperatures in the region, part of the cooling infrastructure in the UK South (London) data center experienced a problem. This disabled part of our service infrastructure to prevent uncontrolled hardware failure.

If everything goes back to normal today, some users hosting websites on these servers fear they may have lost data. Hence both the companies invite the concerned persons to inquire the competent services in order to solve the various problems that may occur during this heat wave incident.

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